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PUBG Guide: How to Get Chicken Expert Title in PUBG Mobile Easily After Cross-Server Matching

Hrithik Raj
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 20:43 IST

Some of the tasks mentioned above can easily be done, like killing the last player with Assault Rifle, SMG, Shotguns, Light Machine Guns and Pistol.

Assault rifles like AKM, ScarL, M416 are a better choice to complete the first task. To complete the SMG part its better advised to use UMP9 if the battle is in open place or use micro Uzi or a Vector in a close combat situation, for instance, consider the last circle is in a small city or house then the better option would clearly be using some high fire rate SMG's.

Getting a pistol kill is also easy if you get your hand on the automatic pistol which acts like a SMG though with less firepower and range. M249 can be used to complete the light machine gun part.

Now to kill the last player with sniper you either must be good at handing sniper with a 2x or 3x or simply use VSS or SKS. To get a throwable weapon kill is easy if you have the right equipment, use camping tactics (make sure you get a ghillie suit) and a Molotov or Grenade if you are good with it. Make sure while using the Grenade you cook it for few seconds before releasing it.

The same camping tactics with ghillie suit can be used to get a crossbow kill. Let everyone in the final circle kill each other while you hide within the mesh with your ghillie suit and when the time is right, take down the last guy with your crossbow.

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