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PUBG Tips: How to Get Well Liked, Overachiever and Collector Title In PUBG Mobile Easily 

Hrithik Raj


While playing PlayerUnkown's Battleground Mobile you might have come across some players whose titles in the game are Well Liked, Overachiever or a Collector.

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Trust me spotting a player in PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile with one of these titles are quite rare and this is what makes these titles more exciting to get. These are some prized titles which are sure to draw attention in PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile match lobby if you have one of these.

To get liked title you have to get 1000 likes from everyone which means its a long process and quite a tough task. The best and easiest way to achieve well-liked title in PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile is to play squad with a group of friends and tell them to give a like when the match ends and that way you can secure 3 likes each time.

It will be easier if you have no problem in losing matches. Overachiever title can be attained by someone who has 2800 achievement points which can be a long process as well. Now to make this one short you can pick some of the easiest tasks in the achievement list and start completing them. Going for more points with a tough task is not good for you. Target small tasks even though they grant fewer achievement points.

To gain the Collector title in PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile you have to own the following things:-

  • 300 permanent outfits.
  • 20 permanent parachute skins.
  • 50 Weapon Finishes.

Collector is a title which takes the longest time to achieve and at the same time the title which takes the shortest time to achieve. You might think of me as crazy but that's true if you are ready to spend a lot of cash the title is as good as yours but if you want to earn it without spending a single penny then it might be a long process. To make it short you must try to get the Royal Pass and complete missions to earn skins. You can also get skins through normal chest by spending coins earned in game to give a boost to your progress.

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