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PUBG Mobile Guide:How to Survive Erangel(Aggressive Approach) Part-4

Hrithik Raj
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 20:02 IST


Hey guys! Welcome to the final part of PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile: How to Survive Erangel using aggressive approach.

In this part, I am going to give you all some tips on the end game of any match in PUBG mobile. So, after surviving till the end game by strategically changing locations you all might have ran into many stuffs lying here and there. In the end game, we might need some of those loots to increase the chance of winning. The things you all should have before the last or the second last circle are mentioned below:-

  • Atleast 4 smoke bombs.
  • 2 Stun Grenades.
  • 3 normal grenades.
  • 5 to 6 boosters.

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In the end game of any match in Erangel map in PUBG mobile there are two situations that generally arises that are : -

  • The Final Circle either is on open fields or
  • The Final circle is formed in a city or a place with some buildings.

In both the cases, your approach should be the same but with a little bit of change. Let's discuss the first case.

Supposedly the last or the second last circle ends up in an open field. The first thing you all should do is to stay close to the blue zone. By close, I highly recommend you all to stay beside the blue zone to make sure no one can ambush you from behind. Use those boosters and never let the meter get down below 30 percent. Move as the zone moves while looking out for enemies in front of you. Don't forget that the last two circles in an open field is the prime time for campers. So, its highly recommended that you move with the zone while sticking to it as close as possible. Since you all would have been using the boosters it would be easy to outrun the zone. As soon as the circle becomes small try to look out for trees and big rocks and keep an eye out there because players are always hiding or camping such places. If you have a better cover then it's great if you then use those smoke grenades one by one. Use peek fire to avoid exposing your whole body.

Now if the final circles are formed in a city or places with buildings, you might need those three types of grenades more than anything. The approach will be similar to that of first case stick close to the zone and while moving forward use smoke grenades, even if someone fires at you the smokescreen will give you some time to asses the situation or will help you to move into cover. Now the flash grenades are for the last circle were you have to move in a building or to a place where you have a feeling of enemy players residing. Use the stun grenades and the normal grenades to get an opening. Oppress them with continuous fire and grenades, pressurize them to an extent that they would either rush or will make a mistake. Don't play it safe play it aggressively and try to outsmart your opponent and get that Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.


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Published 26 Nov 2018, 00:18 IST
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