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PUBG Guide: Top 6 Assault Rifles with maximum base damage

  • Equip these six assault rifles to deal maximum damage to your opponents on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 19:50 IST

Image Courtesy: Tencent Gaming
Image Courtesy: Tencent Gaming

Assault rifles in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds house medium to high ammo capacity and offer a brilliant compromise between the sniper rifles, LMGs and the designated marksman rifles, providing the player with good levels of accuracy that requires minimal ammo management.

With these features, the assault rifle class holds a special place among many PUBG players, both beginners and professionals alike. Moreover, beginners should focus on using the assault rifles as they offer a good balance between accuracy and DPS, which is crucial during the early stages of the game.

Without further ado, let us look closer at the six assault rifles that deal the maximum base damage in PUBG.

Note: The guns that feature the same base damage are ranked by comparing their initial bullet speed. All the stats used in this article are taken from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds wiki (Gamepedia) and

#6 M16A4 - 43 Base Damage

M16A4 features the best fire rate among the assault rifles (Image Courtesy: PUBG Guide)
M16A4 features the best fire rate among the assault rifles (Image Courtesy: PUBG Guide)

The M16A4 chambers 30-round magazines that house the 5.62mm ammo, dealing 43 base damage with 573 DPS. However, one must focus on their accuracy as this weapon does not offer an automatic firing mode and one must rely on single or three-round burst shots. This is compensated with a high fire rate, that is the best in its class. Additionally, the 900 m/s initial bullet speed makes this assault rifle an ideal weapon for medium and long-range combats.

The M16A4 is available on all the three PUBG maps.

#5 AUG - 43 Base Damage

The AUG boasts 501 DPS (Image Courtesy: Tencent Gaming)
The AUG boasts 501 DPS (Image Courtesy: Tencent Gaming)

The AUG is an assault rifle that chambers 5.56mm ammo in 30-round magazine clips that deal 501 Damage Per Second. Also, with 940 m/s initial bullet speed and good levels of stability, the gun is great for even medium-range combat situations. With single and auto fire modes, this assault rifle is a favourite among many PUBG gamers.


The AUG is available on all the three maps via airdrop only.

Other assault rifles that boast 43 base damage include M416, QBZ and the SCAR-L. However, all these weapons feature a lower initial bullet speed than the ones mentioned above.

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Published 15 Nov 2018, 18:39 IST
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