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PUBG: How to Reach ACE in PUBG Mobile Faster?

Modified 04 Jun 2019

PUBG Mobile entered the gaming industry with a loud bang! No joke! The game has managed to earn over 60 million players in its first week within the South-East Asia region only.

Needless to say, until now competitive gaming was limited to PC gamers but Tencent Games has managed to bring the competitive gaming on mobile through PUBG. A large portion of the players are still new to competitive gaming.

However, everyone wants to reach a higher rank and it gets only tougher as you progress. People who were already into competitive gaming found their way up but the new players who never played multiplayer games before found it hard to rank up after a certain rank.

I will share a few useful tips that will help you rank up faster and reach ACE. These tips will help you with boosting your ratings on Kill score, heal score, damage and various other factors. If you boost all your ratings, it will boost your total end-game rating which will help you secure more points from each game.

#1 Avoid the Hotdrops

Always avoid the hot drops and try to land in secluded areas. In PUBG Mobile survival rating is very important, in fact, it is one of the top 3 most important ratings. To improve your survival rating you need to stay alive longer. Avoid Hotdrops because hot drops are famous places on the map with a lot of buildings or a lot of farms. This will attract more players and needless to say, players who are good at the game will try to get some early kills. Killing your enemies early in the game is the easiest task to do. They will be unprepared and not properly equipped with guns and items. Avoid hot drops and stay alive.

#2 Get the Kills

Kill rating is very important and because of that, you need to get some kills. Never take unnecessary fights with real players but try to camp in a position from where you can earn some kills. Try to play around the Circle, if you stay closer to the zone border you will get plenty of bots to kill.


#3 Play near the Blue zone

Always follow the Blue Zone. Stay near the circle and wait for the new zone. Once the new zone is given, sneak in and again camp around the border. This way you will always have your back clear and it will be easier to keep an eye open for the players. This will also provide you and your squad multiple bot kills.

#4 Take damage and Heal yourself

Healing is another factor that affects your total rating. You need to take damage to heal yourself. If you find a bot and you are sure it is a bot, don't kill it right away. Let it do some damage to you, then kill the bot and heal yourself. The more you heal the more points it will get you. Always keep enough first aid kit, med kit, and energy items. If you are staying close to the blue zone as advised, you can go out of the blue zone and take some damage then come inside the circle and heal. It's not exactly an honorable way but hey you need your rating or not?

#5 Be the last one to show up


Once you reach top 15 or top 10 try to slow down and camp more instead of rushing around. Let other players find and kill each other. If you have a sniper, you can always camp and steal kills. If you spot two enemies fighting each other, let one of them knock out the other one and then you can kill the one knocked out. Try to not give out your location while doing this. If you are assaulting, just stay near the cycle and camp in a house.

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Published 04 Jun 2019, 18:12 IST
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