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PUBG Lite: 3 Game Issues that Needs to be Fixed as soon as Possible 



Back in January 2019, PUBG Lite started as a beta. After the initial release in Thailand, the game is now available in more than 50 countries. The game released in India on July 4. Since the release, the game has gained good popularity because of its player base on PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile. However, there are some major issues in PUBG Lite that are making the gameplay experience terrible for some players.

So let us discuss what are these ongoing issues.

#1 Issues with the Sound in PUBG Lite

Sound issues in PUBG Lite
Sound issues in PUBG Lite

For a game like PUBG Lite, hearing sounds properly can make a big difference in the results. If somebody can trace the sound of walking enemies, it becomes very easy to counter that enemy. But unfortunately, at this moment, the sound system in PUBG Lite is messed up. Players are complaining about not able to hear the foot sounds near them but they are able to hear the sounds of gunfires that are far away. However, the good news is, PUBG Lite developer team has officially announced that they are looking into this to fix it with the July update.

#2 Getting Stuck at a place

Another big issue in the game is getting stuck at a place. If a player faces the bug then he/she will not be able to move from that place. There is only one solution to this problem, asking the team mates to knock out and revive. This sounds pretty crazy, right?

Personally, I have faced this couple of times and this knocking out and reviving back worked like a charm.

# No player levels yet

There are no player levels in PUBG Lite so far. No matter how much you play or progress through the free pass, the experience goes in vain. Because there is no experience level in the game. So, the experience levels should be introduced as soon as possible.

Although the game is in beta, it is expected that the issues will be taken care of when the game finally comes out of beta. Still, as a beta, the game is doing pretty well with or without the issues.

Did you face any more bugs or game issues? Do let us know in the comments below!

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