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PUBG LITE (PC) BETA soon to get the biggest update since the start of its BETA testing

10 Mar 2019, 07:43 IST

Beryl M762 in PUBG LITE
Beryl M762 in PUBG LITE

It has been more than a month since the start of the beta testing of the light-weight version of Player Unknown's Battle Ground known as PUBG. Since then the developers are working hard to improve the game and slowly expanding the game to various regions. Starting to Thailand, now the game is available in a total of 10 regions worldwide. However, that is not all. You can still play if you follow this process.

Recently, PUBG LITE official website has mentioned about a huge update that the game is going to get, starting from the introduction of strategic gameplay, more guns in the game, the addition of new vehicles, dynamic parachute system, improved free reward system, better anti-cheat system and much more! So, let us take a look these in details.

#1 Introduction of Strategic Gameplay

The Flare Gun
The Flare Gun

The flare gun is finally making into PUBG LITE! Yes, you read it correct! After the update flare guns will be available in the game and this is surely going to bring in more strategic gameplay. Not to mention, it will also bring in some action!

Armed UAZ
Armed UAZ

Also, Armed UAZ will be available too! enough of strategic things? I guess yes.

#2 Dynamic Gunplay

MK47 Mutant
MK47 Mutant

More guns are making to the game. Beryl M762 (7.62mm), MK47 Mutant (7.62mm), SLR (7.62mm) these all three heavyweight guns will be available to grab in the map. In addition to these guns, 3x and 6x scopes will also be available to give the full advantage to the players.

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#3 Dynamic Parachute System

Landing has always been a big thing in battle royale games. The developers are on their way to make the parachute experience more realistic. They have mentioned

We are developing a realistic parachute system that requires you to be spontaneous and creative in your survival tactics under a wide variety of situations in the air.
We will begin with improving the animation to make the character’s drop smoother and more natural and introduce features that give you more control of the character’s movement when parachuting down, such as speed and direction. Also, we are trying to make landings more realistic by improving the animation to reflect the drop speed.
These updates to the parachute system will allow you to drop at a wide range of locations, which means looting in the areas that you have never been to and hence more fun game play on the ground!

#4 Improved Free Reward System

The amount of time that the players invest in the game, the developers want to reward the players on that. Thus, they are coming up with some system that will let players get some nice skins and other cosmetics for free!

#5 Others

So, these are not everything. The game will be seeing a better anti-cheat system to keep the gaming environment fair for everyone. Also, there will be a balance in the loot drop across the map to let the players enjoy and survive in the on the same time!

So, are you guys excited about this big update? Let us know in the comments below.

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