PUBG map: Review of "Sanhok" and why you should play this map more often

Image Courtesy: PUBG Corporation
Image Courtesy: PUBG Corporation

PUBG Mobile recently received an update that brought in a host of changes to the gameplay design, while also introducing new features to the game. However, these didn't garner enough attention like the release of the new map Sanhok. The Sanhok map made its way to XBox One the previous month, and now, finally, PUBG mobile users get to experience this brand-new map.

The company behind the franchise advertises that the map is inspired by the islands of southeast Asia, and we couldn't agree more as the whole map revolves around a tropical rainforest theme. However, do not mistake this map as a lush-green forest; Sanhok is host to some memorable locations such as Paradise Resort, Sah Mee and Boot Camp, which all feature tonnes of loot along with exciting rounds of action amongst the players. The risk to reward ratio in this map is highly balanced and makes taking that extra risk worthwhile.

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Interestingly, Sanhok is only 4km x 4km, which makes it a whole lot smaller than Erangel and Miramar, meaning the one should be ready to experience a faster-paced action while on the ground. As the map is smaller, the company has adjusted the spawn rates for weapons and ammo to facilitate faster action, which is hugely beneficial for players who thrive on a fast-paced shooter.

The weather system makes a comeback with the Sanhok, and one could see themselves either in the rain, sunny or foggy conditions, which all add a new dimension to the Battle Royale action. Also, the vehicular dynamics are significantly altered in this game, which features a higher-number of two-wheelers over four-wheelers, and this strategy is in line with the idea of a smaller map.

Furthermore, the brand-new map features completely redesigned circle dynamics, which works in tandem to bring a new layer of dynamism to the Battle Royale game. The red zones are smaller on this map and never coincide with the white zones, allowing players to plan their strategy to perfection. The playable area shrinks slower as the overall map size has seen a reduction in Sankhok.

Regarding the drop, one could see the safe zone even before they drop on the island, which could again lead to interesting game scenarios, featuring high-octane action. And, the zones pop-up instantly on the map, meaning one does not have to endure a moment of anxiety and anticipation before planning their strategy to advance to the safe zone.

Overall, the smaller size of Sanhok ensures increased amounts of action than seen on a regular PUBG Battle Royale, which plays perfectly into the hands to people who love the fast-paced action in a video game. Furthermore, the introduction of new weapons and vehicles in this map also ensure that the seasoned players have something new to look forward to.

Video: PUBG Mobile Sanhok Gameplay Trailer


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