PUBG mobile: 5 ways to increase your kill ratio in TDM mode

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Rishabh B.

PUBG mobile has been one of the most influential mobile games of the past five years. It was the first time the mobile market was introduced to the now-popular Battle Royale (BR) mode, and in no time, it has garnered a high number of users from all parts of the world. While BR mode is the most popular, various other modes like Team Death Match (TDM) mode have been introduced recently.

TDM is one of the most popular alternative modes. It requires a particular array of skills and expertise, and in order to have a good kill-ratio, players who are used to the BR mode need to alter their techniques substantially.

Here, we will look at five ways in which you can increase your TDM kill ratio in PUBG mobile:

1.     Flanking: In TDM, it is important to take control of the flanks by attacking them quickly and keeping an eye out for enemies hidden in difficult corners of each map. Once the flank is under control, players can either wait for rushing opponents or head for their base in order to finish them off. 

2.     Movement: In TDM, unlike the Battle Royale mode where players camp for long periods of time in order to take their opponents by surprise, camping and hiding is not necessarily a good step. Continuous spawning takes place and bases are switched multiple times during the game, which means that opponents can creep up on a player from any side of the map. Continuous movement makes it difficult for them to take you by surprise and allows you to react in case enemies decide to rush you.

3.     Grenades: Individual matches in TDM mode are more intense, and players often have to deal with more than two enemies at once. In such a scenario, keeping grenades and smoke-grenades in hand helps in taking them by surprise and allows players valuable seconds in order to react and counter attack.

4.     Weapons: In BR mode, there are specific guns that are considered to be the best in game, and most players prefer them (AKM, M416). In TDM, players tend to use guns that suit them best, and because most of the maps involve short range fights, shotguns and even pistols have proved to be popular among gamers. In order to recognize the gun that suits them best, players should try different types of weapons until they have settled on one.

5.     Play-style tweaks: Due to the differences in gameplay, players need to be responsive and alter their techniques accordingly. While aiming for the head is important in all modes, it becomes absolutely critical in TDM mode because of the little-to-no reaction time, which is often just one or two seconds. Further, keeping customisable loadouts and generally altering your play style with respect to the game situation is highly recommended. 

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In conclusion, while it might take time for players to get used to differences in the intensity and play-styles required in TDM mode, the sheer attrition of these matches makes it worth the effort.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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