PUBG Mobile: APK File for MEmu download link

  • Download link for PUBG Mobile APK for MEmu Play Emulator.
  • Emulators are growing in popularity for PUBG Mobile players as they allow for greater user control.
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Modified 16 May 2020, 21:47 IST

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

The popularity of mobile gaming is rising steadily with PUBG Mobile leading the charge, with the battle royale game offering high level gameplay on mobile phones. Mobile phone gaming has come a long way from basic platformers to now fully fledged battle royales with in-depth gameplay mechanics.

With the rise of competition within the game, a popular workaround the unreliable touch controls of a smartphone are emulators.

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PUBG Mobile in MEmu Play
PUBG Mobile in MEmu Play

Emulators for PUBG Mobile

Emulators enable the user to play a mobile game like PUBG Mobile, on their PCs. This allows the user to utilize the robust and efficient mouse and keyboard controls that have long been regarded as the best way to play shooters.

A popular emulator right now is MEmu Play, which allows players to map the controls to the keyboard and mouse to suit the player's preferences and the graphical fidelity is stable, meaning a stable and high frame rate.

You can download the APK file required to use in the emulator here.

Also, a larger screen allows for a better FOV (Field of View), allowing you to spot targets way further down the range. Generally, PCs will have better hardware than the average smartphone, hence providing a far richer gameplay experience than a smartphone.

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PUBG Mobile Gameplay on MEmu Play
PUBG Mobile Gameplay on MEmu Play

A frequent question asked when using emulators is the need for it, given that PUBG is available on PC. The answer is that the mobile version is significantly different from the PC and console version, and some users might prefer the mobile version. Given that PUBG Mobile is also free on the Play Store, it makes using an emulator the smarter way to play PUBG.

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Published 16 May 2020, 21:47 IST
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