PUBG Mobile: Best in-game names

Best Names for PUBG Mobile
Best Names for PUBG Mobile
Rahul Bhushan

Since the inception of online multiplayer games, there has been the concept of having unique usernames or IGNs (in-game nicknames), with everyone wanting to have the coolest name in the lobby. PUBG Mobile is one such game that just demands you to stand out in the game in that particular aspect.

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Moreover, for a game as competitive and large as PUBG Mobile, with 100 players in a single lobby, having the coolest name embodies domination. It becomes that much more important to have a unique and cool name and there are several ways you can have the most unique one. Here are a few suggestions to go about it.

CATEGORY 1 - The funny name in PUBG Mobile

These are the names that you can pick to instantly be the funniest player in the lobby and still dominate the game. There is nothing worse than being killed by a player called "MrFluffyBunny". Here are some other names that can be an instant hit while playing PUBG Mobile.

  • MasterBunnyHop
  • MisterScruffles
  • SlapYouBackInTime
  • MrYouJustGotPwned
  • Still_Cant_Get_A_Kill
  • SorryForBeingThisGood
  • MrClapBackInstantly
  • MightyOgre
  • TheUnicornAssassin
  • RunningFromAdults

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CATEGORY 2 - The pop culture reference name

Having a name that refers to pop culture is always a big plus as it instantly makes you recognizable.

  • BabaYaga
  • StarKiller
  • TheDeathStar
  • T200
  • SaiyanLegend
  • MasterOfPuppets
  • GhostInTheShell
  • TheDragonBorn
  • CaptainPriceless
  • GhostInYourMirror
  • MsBloodHound

CATEGORY 3 - The badass name

Having a name that just sounds or looks badass is an instant winner. It makes being killed by such an opponent, worse for you. There are several unique symbols and characters you can use to make your name look visually distinct as well.

  • StalkingRevenant
  • Xx-DΞΛDSH0T-xX
  • WinnerTake$All
  • ImmortalZeus
  • Headhunter
  • RelentlessAssault
  • GatesOfArmaggedon

Those were a few suggestions on how you can make the most of your in-game nickname in PUBG Mobile and stand out in a crowded lobby. Additionally, such names would also make your victory that much sweeter as the last squad you kill will remember your name for it was so cool and unique.

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