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PUBG Mobile: Best ways to use Flare Gun in the game

Mohit Kumar
Published Jan 10, 2020
Jan 10, 2020 IST

Flare Gun in PUBG Mobile
Flare Gun in PUBG Mobile

Mastering the art of using flare guns in PUBG Mobile takes time. Initially, as an amateur player, this art might make a lot of time to be mastered. However, as the in-game experience of a player increases, using a flare gun will not be a herculean task.

PUBG Mobile has some places for the flare guns to be found excessively. The latest updates might have decreased the spawn rate of flare guns, but still, they can be spotted in many hot drop locations like Georgepool, Milta Power, Military Base, and Novo.

How one can use the flare guns most appropriately? Here are some pro-tips to use the 'flare gun' effectively in the game:

  1. Use it inside the circle: If you use your flare gun's ammo outside the play zone, you will only get a vehicle. Using the flare gun outside the circle is useless, unless and until you need a car.
  2. Fire directly upward: The right way to use the gun is to fire it in the sky at precisely 90 degrees from the standing position.
  3. Don't fire close to no-roof buildings: If you do so, chances are the drop would land somewhere on the roofs (which are impossible to climb).
  4. After the fire, keep a check on the enemies: The enemies might be watching you from a long distance. Be aware and always check them using long distance scopes like 4x, 6x, and 8x.

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