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PUBG News: PMCO Indian division finals date announced

Rohit Jaswal
08 Jun 2019, 12:38 IST

PUBG Mobile Club Open(PMCO) India Regional Finals Date
PUBG Mobile Club Open(PMCO) India Regional Finals Date

PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 is the biggest ever PUBG tournament held so far by Tencent games. In the Indian Semi-finals, many teams were playing as underdogs and they played very well and shook players and audiences across the country. Now, the best 16 teams have qualified for the regional finals and the winner will represent India at PMCO's Global Finals in Germany. The prize pool of the tournament is 2.5 million USD (17.3 crores INR). So all the teams reaching into finals will be vying for this ultimate prize and make do respective countries proud. People can watch live streams of the tournament on Youtube as well.

India Regional Finals: Date and place

The Indian phase of PMCO's Regional Finals will take place on 14th and 15th of June. All the 16 teams will gather in Delhi and will compete against each other in Regional Finals. The winner of the tournament will get direct entry to the Global Finals while teams at the second and third place will compete against teams from other countries who got second and third position to register their place at Global Finals.

After the Regional Finals is completed, Global Finals will be held in Germany, though there is no specific date and time announced by the organizers yet. But when the tournament began, its Spring Split's Finals month was July. It means in this month all the major Regional Finals will be completed and teams will gather in July for the Global Finals of PMCO.

PUBG Mobile Club Open(PMCO) India Regional Finals Date
PUBG Mobile Club Open(PMCO) India Regional Finals Date

Teams Qualified For Regional Finals:

In India, 16 teams have qualified for the Regional Finals which will start this month. Many renowned teams like Team Soul, Team IND, and Team Hydra are in the top spots already. Though no team is favorites for the finals, all the teams have come through the same grind and are a tough competition to each other.

These are the 16 teams to have qualified for Regional Finals:

#1 THE BRAWLERS- 382 points

#2 TEAM INSIDIOUS- 331 points

#3 HYDRA- 326 points


#4 TEAM SOUL- 271 points

#5 ORB- 259 points

#6 COMING SOON- 247 points

#7 MEGASTARS- 243 points

#8 ISO- 242 points

#9 INDIAN TIGERS- 231 points

#10 TEAM IND- 230 points

#11 LEARN FROM PAST- 218 points

#12 PAIN RETRIBUTION- 213 points

#13 TEAM 8BIT- 204 points

#14 EVIL BIG FELLAS- 201 points

#15 RIP OFFICIAL- 198 points

#16 DAKU OFFICIAL- 196 points

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