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PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge Results are out along with the interesting Season 4 Statistics  

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Crew Challenge Results of Season 4 is out now !
Crew Challenge Results of Season 4 is out
now !

Recently PUBG Mobile has published the amazing statistics of the season 4 of PUBG Mobile where they have also mentioned the winners of the Crew Challenge winners of Season 4 for various regions. In the statistics of Season 4, PUBG Mobile has focused on the new release of Vikendi map and M762 gun. It was a bit disappointing to not to find similar statistics for the other maps. Sill, it is nice to see what they have already published. So, let us take a look at these most interesting stats of season 4.

Top 3 Vikendi landing spots - Abbey, Cement factory, Villa (As expected)

The number of kills by M762 - A massive 905,834,424 kills. (Just mindblowing!)

Use of M762 in Chicken Dinners - 169,577,058 times. (Overused weapon for the map?)

Players died by falling - 30,215,893 (People are so careless in the game, eh?)

Mad Bear Set witnessed the glory of season 4. (Cute bear became deadly?)

Crew Challenge Winners of North America

TPP winner - KR Team

FPP winner - Cloud9

Crew Challenge Winners of South America

TPP winner - SOMOS ITO


FPP winner - Influence Rage

Crew Challenge Winners of Europe

TPP winner - Legion

FPP winner - Extra Quality

Crew Challenge Winners of Asia

TPP winner - Fortismaestra

FPP winner - Noxs'Inception

Crew Challenge Winners of KR/JP

TPP winner - Moryz

FPP winner - Detonator

The crews were added in the game when the game first released but until crew challenges it was of no use. With the introduction of exclusive Crew Challenges, now it is a place to take serious participation. Good combination with the rest of the crew members can bring a great result. The winners of season 4 obviously had it in them.

Congratulations to all the champions of PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge of season 4. Rest of the crews, better luck next time!