PUBG Mobile Emulator: God Level Gameplay By CarryMinati As He Kills 10 Enemies in a Minute Using AWM

  • Insane PUBG Mobile gameplay by "Carry is Live" where he kills 10 enemies using an AWM within a minute.
Modified 05 Apr 2019, 15:17 IST


CarryMinati is known for his epic humor and deadly roasts. He literally does his work with a massive perfection and has proved himself to be the country's best roaster. Before he started roasting, Carry had another YouTube channel where he live-streamed Call Of Duty and other games. Even on his famous channel, the videos consisted of gameplay videos.

After the success of roasting, Carry started a new channel to showcase his gaming skills and hence "CARRY IS LIVE". Here he streams new games and his current favorite is obviously PUBG Mobile. He teams up with his friends and almost ends up quite well. And recently, he did something which is almost a rare thing and the difficult thing to do in PUBG mobile.

The gameplay which he streamed was bliss to see. Just like any other streamer, Carry jumped from that plane with his teammate with an aim to either use Shotguns or Sniper to kill his enemies.

Although the first match didn't end well, the second one was just phenomenal. He killed 9-10 enemies using an AWM. Obviously, the sniper rifle is as deadly as his humor and he did show some amazing skills as soon as he got hold of the rifle.

Watch this video from 5:28 minutes onwards.

As we all know, in a classic match, the only way to get hold of AWM is to loot a drop box. Carry looted the rare Sniper Rifle from a Flare Gun drop and went berserk, as he killed 10 enemies in one minute time. He did it with using a scope as well as without a scope in dying moments.

He literally baffled his enemies and every shot he took. He made every bullet count and the stream got interesting with Carry's voice in it. He ended up with a Chicken Dinner and the expression on his face was just said it all about how ecstatic he was.


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Published 05 Apr 2019, 15:17 IST
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