PUBG Mobile: How to reach Conqueror with new K/D system?

  • A brief explanation of the new K/D system introduced in Season 13 of PUBG Mobile.
  • The new system would now force players to change their game styles in order to rank up.
Anuj Gupta
Modified 16 May 2020, 15:06 IST

PUBG Mobile Conqueror Rank, picture credits: fiverr
PUBG Mobile Conqueror Rank, picture credits: fiverr

PUBG Mobile Season 13 has brought many exciting changes to the game. Among the significant changes, a small sneaky tweak made by Tencent has made a huge impact on both new and old users of the game.

The PUBG developers have changed the Kills to Deaths (K/D) system which has always been a key feature of the game. In general, K/D is an indicator of the quality of a player in any shooter game.

To give a brief idea of the said change, the old K/D system in PUBG was based on the total number of kills divided by the total number of deaths in all the matches played by a player. It laid onus on winning a match and staying on top by surviving longer in the game. A player winning games by low number of kills would still get a positive point to their K/D if they survived long enough or won the game by camping.

The new K/D system in PUBG is calculated on the player’s average K/D per match. This is a significant change as each match would now contribute significantly to a player's overall K/D ratio. Losing or winning matches would also mean less. The number of kills per match would be the most important factor in calculating the new K/D ratio of a player.

How to rank up with the new PUBG K/D system?

PUBG Mobile, picture credits: xbox and play games
PUBG Mobile, picture credits: xbox and play games

The K/D system in PUBG does not affect the ranking system directly. However, the new process of calculating the K/D ratio would have a significant impact on how players play the game. The new meta will also have a notable impact on player ranks.

Bagging kills will become the new meta in the game. Players would try to maintain a decent K/D ratio which will force them to fight more and camp less. So if a player wants to rank-up in the new meta, they would have to get good at all the fighting mechanics in the game.

Hiding and proning in the grasslands would not yield desirable results from a purely K/D perspective. To reach the Conqueror rank, one must possess impressive skills in PUBG Mobile.

Now that K/D would represent a true indicator of a player's skill in PUBG, it will gain more importance in the game. Players who get carried by others won’t have good K/D scores. Similarly players who camp a lot and have reached the higher ranks by hiding through large swathes of the game would now show a very low K/D number.

Published 16 May 2020, 15:06 IST
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