PUBG Mobile: How to get special symbols for PUBG names?

Special Symbols
Special Symbols

PUBG Mobile players always want some stylish in-game names that represent the style of their gameplay and make them look cool. PUBG Mobile in-game character name is the in-game name that appears during a match. Players can set it according to their own preferences.

The game lets its players set their character names once after signing up with a new account. If a player wants to change their in-game name, he/she can do it by using the Rename Card. Using special symbols in in-game character names help make the names appear cool and attract attention.

How to use special symbols in PUBG Mobile names?

Use Rename Card
Use Rename Card

Special characters are generally not present in keyboards, and as their name suggests, are specially designed. There are several websites like Tricks Nation that offer you a variety of special symbols and nicknames to choose from.

Players can edit these fonts and names according to their preferences, to set their in-game names. Here are the steps that enable a player to add special symbols in their character name:

# 1: Visit Tricks Nation website and choose the special symbol or nickname of choice.

# 2: Copy the nickname and open the PUBG Mobile application in their device.

# 3: Go to inventory at the bottom of the screen. Move to the section below the emotes section in the inventory. Click on the Rename Card.

# 4: Click on the 'Use' option. A pop-up will appear asking the player to enter a new nickname.

# 5: Paste the new nickname. Tap on OK to confirm their new name.

The Rename Card can be collected by completing the 'Progress Missions' and thus, by levelling up in the game.

Progress Missions
Progress Missions

Note: A player can use the Rename Card once per day. Therefore the choice of the new name needs to be done wisely.

List of PUBG Mobile names that have Special Symbols

List of PUBG Nicknames
List of PUBG Nicknames

Some pretty cool stylish names with special symbols have been handpicked for PUBG players. The one so chosen may be copied and pasted using the steps as mentioned above.

『P么1N』 oP






sυραяι кιℓℓεя




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