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PUBG Mobile India Bonus Challenge Guide: How to get free UC packs and Rare items in PUBG Mobile

  • Did you know how to get free UC in Player Unknown's Battle Ground Mobile?
  • PUBG Mobile has posted detailed info about the PUBG Mobile India bonus challenge.
Modified 14 Apr 2020, 11:58 IST
PUBG Mobile India bonus challenge
PUBG Mobile India bonus challenge

Just today, Player Unknown's Battle Ground Mobile, popularly known as PUBG Mobile has posted detailed info about the PUBG Mobile India bonus challenge where players can get free UC and rare items by completing certain tasks during the weekends (i,e, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) in the esports tab of the game.

On the Official Facebook page, PUBG Mobile has mentioned -

1. Go to Esports tab on Main Lobby and select India Bonus Challenge
2. Finish Novice Guide and get 100 Battle Coins and 1 Bonus Challenge Voucher which will help you to participate in Novice Challenge (worth 10 UC) for Free
3. You should be above Level 20 and Bronze V to register for India Bonus Challenge
4. Each day is divided into 6 seasons, each of which lasts for 2 hours. You can register for only 1 level at each season; you can register for the same one or another one at the next season, which means you can join for 6 matches in 1 day at most. 
5. Each 2-hour session will include 1 hr registration, 2 min system assign room time, 10 min for you to enter the room and 48 min game time
6. You can register for 3 different levels - Novice (10 UC), Adept (20 UC) and Expert (30 UC). Tickets can be exchanged in Battle shop and 1 ticket is equivalent to 10 UC, which means you have to consume 3 tickets or 30 UC if you want to register for the 30 UC level Bonus Challenge

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7. You can earn points depending on the level you register for. 
(i) In Novice (10 UC) level you can earn up to 300 points + 15 points for every kill 
(ii) In Adept (20 UC) level you can earn up to 1000 points + 30 points for every kill
(iii) In Expert (30 UC) level you can earn up to 1500 points + 45 points for every kill
8. In Bonus Challenge, 1 point = 1 Battle Coin and Actual Points earned = Ranking Points + (Points per kill * no. of kills)
9. You can redeem Rare Items and UC Packs in Battle Shop by exchanging Battle Coins
10. Categories of Bonus Challenge are bound with Area IP. Players in country A cannot see the challenges held in Country B

Even though UC is a premium currency in the game, we are seeing that the developers are kind enough to give it for almost free. PUBG Mobile enthusiasts, this is your best time to grab some premium rare and epic dresses if you are longing to get some!

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Published 01 Mar 2019, 16:47 IST
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