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PUBG Mobile KR vs PUBG Mobile Lite: Which game is better for 4 GB RAM Android devices?

PUBG Mobile Lite vs PUBG Mobile KR (Image via Sportskeeda)
PUBG Mobile Lite vs PUBG Mobile KR (Image via Sportskeeda)
Modified 30 Mar 2021

PUBG Mobile is one of the leaders in pushing for the global Esports community's growth and success. Two of its widely known variants are PUBG Mobile KR and PUBG Mobile Lite.

While PUBG Mobile KR is a Korean variant of the global version, PUBG Mobile Lite is a toned-down variant of the game primarily made for low-end devices.

Today, mid-range budget Android devices are the preferred choice for many users. Hence, this article compares PUBG Mobile KR and PUBG Mobile Lite to see which one of these titles will perform better on 4 GB RAM Android devices.

PUBG Mobile KR

Minimum system requirements

  • Android version: 5.1.1 and above
  • RAM: 2 GB (Recommended - 3 GB)
  • Storage: 2 GB
  • Processor: A decent processor, for example, Snapdragon 620 equivalent

PUBG Mobile Lite

Minimum system requirements:

  • Download Size - 575 MB
  • Operating System - Android 4.1
  • RAM - 1 GB (Recommended - 2 GB)
  • Processor - Qualcomm Processor

Gameplay style


The gameplay style of PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Mobile KR is not so different because both follow the original PUBG Mobile style and share the core of Battle Royale ethos. However, the difference is in the number of players on the map.

PUBG Mobile Lite has 60 players landing on the map, whereas PUBG Mobile KR has 100 players on the island.

Game duration also varies. PUBG Mobile Lite hosts a match for about 15 minutes, whereas PUBG Mobile KR hosts a single match for more than 30 minutes.

Graphics and visualization

Both games incorporate a naturalistic and life-like feel of optimizing graphics in the game. However, since PUBG Mobile Lite is the lighter variant, it has a toned-down graphics texture compared to PUBG Mobile KR.


PUBG Mobile KR has rich graphics with heavy map detailing that adds to the overall gaming experience.

Conclusion: PUBG Mobile Lite or PUBG Mobile KR, which game is better?

Both of these titles are excellent performers on high-end devices. However, regarding 4 GB RAM devices, it is obvious that PUBG Mobile Lite will be a better performer as it requires lesser RAM engagement and will offer smooth and seamless gameplay.

PUBG Mobile KR will also run smoothly but not as flawlessly as PUBG Mobile Lite. The former may experience some lag and frame rate issues when the device heats up.

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Published 30 Mar 2021, 13:28 IST
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