PUBG Mobile Lite: Best sensitivity settings for no recoil

Sensitivity settings for PUBG Mobile Lite (Picture Source:
Sensitivity settings for PUBG Mobile Lite (Picture Source:

PUBG Mobile Lite has a large player base that is engrossed in the game. It is the lighter version of PUBG Mobile, and is made specifically for users with low-end devices. That is one of the reasons behind the humongous growth in the player count of this game, as PUBG Mobile Lite now has over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store.

There are various settings that players can customise in PUBG Mobile Lite for a better experience, with sensitivity settings being one of them. It is no secret that these settings influence a player's gameplay.

These settings should be set in accordance with the players' comfort and device. To further elaborate, we look at the sensitivity settings to remove recoil in PUBG Mobile Lite.

Sensitivity settings for no recoil in PUBG Mobile Lite

#1 Camera sensitivity   

Camera sensitivity is to do with the eye button, as it is used to look around without moving the camera angle. Players can also set them at default as well, but camera sensitivity and camera settings do not influence recoil.

#2 Camera settings

Camera settings affect the vision of players when they are scoped in or are looking around. These settings are basically related to movement of camera angles when players are looking around with/without scope.

#3 ADS sensitivity

These settings are very important and affect gameplay of players, and help them in controlling their recoil when firing. Players will have to drag their thumb down to compensate for the recoil.

No Scope – 90-100%

Red Dot – 50-60%

2x – 35-40%

3x – 25-30%

4x – 17-22%

6x – 13-16%

8x – 8-12%

The best sensitivity settings for any player are those which they are comfortable with. The settings mentioned above are just a recommended range, and players have to set their sensitivity settings as per their preference, to control recoil.

Zero recoil is nothing but the ability of a player to control recoil of the gun at a particular setting. It has to be remembered that copying another players’ sensitivity setting is not helpful in any manner. Players can also go beyond the ranges mentioned above, if they feel that is comfortable with the device being used.

Edited by Ravi Iyer

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