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PUBG Mobile Lite: Best weapon combinations for beginners

  • PUBG Mobile Lite consists of various guns that players can use to get the chicken dinner.
  • This article consists of several combinations of weapons that beginners can use in the game.
Modified 29 Jun 2020, 16:07 IST
PUBG Mobile Lite: Best weapon combination for beginners
PUBG Mobile Lite: Best weapon combination for beginners

PUBG Mobile Lite consists of a variety of weapons that players can use, with each weapon having its distinguished uses. Choosing a weapon or a combination of them mostly depends on the players' playing style. This means that many newcomers look out for the best combination of weapons that they can use in PUBG Mobile Lite. If you are one of those players, this article is for you.

Best combinations of weapons for beginners in PUBG Mobile Lite

#1 M416 and SK12

This is an excellent combination of weapons that players can use. M416 has one of the lowest recoils in PUBG Mobile Lite, which makes it easier for beginners to control the gun. This can be used in mid-range battles, while the SK12 — a shotgun — will help players wipe out any enemy rushing towards them.

#2 M416/Scar L and UMP9

It is always good to have an AR and an SMG. The M416, as already mentioned, is quite versatile and has less recoil, while the Scar L is also a good AR with decent damage. The UMP9, meanwhile, is an SMG that will help players while they are engaging in close combat.


#3 Scar L and MK14

Scar L is one of the finest ARs in the game, and the recoil can be controlled easily when compared to an AKM. The MK14, being a DMR, will certainly help players in mid-range battles.

Players can also mix guns present in the list above, according to their preferences and style of play, as these are just recommended combinations for beginners.

As is common knowledge, the choice of guns is intuitive and subjective, and hence players can choose whichever guns they like.

Any weapon that a player can control is best-suited to them. Some might prefer having an SMG, while others might prefer two ARs; it is a totally subjective topic.

Published 29 Jun 2020, 16:07 IST
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