PUBG Mobile Lite gun skin mod: All you need to know

PUBG Mobile lite gun skin mod (Picture Courtesy:
PUBG Mobile lite gun skin mod (Picture Courtesy:

PUBG Mobile Lite has become immensely popular across the globe due to the exhilarating battle royale experience that it provides on low-end devices. Like its main version, PUBG Mobile Lite continues to grow at a very fast pace. It has various attractive skins, costumes and emotes.

By spending BC, players can usually purchase most of the exclusive skins. Battle Coins is the official in-game currency of PUBG Mobile Lite, which can also be used to buy the Winner Pass. To get these exclusive items, some players tend to follow illegal ways.

One such unethical way is the Gun Skin Mod. Several players are unaware of the ramifications of using the mod.

What is the Gun skin mod in PUBG Mobile Lite?

The Gun skin mod is the modified version of the game's client that claims to provides the players with various in-game skins. However, these types of mods are generally visual-based, and only the players using it will be able to see the skins.

Is it legal?

FAQ Section of PUBG Mobile lite
FAQ Section of PUBG Mobile lite

The use of any kinds of mods is prohibited in PUBG Mobile Lite. They are illegal, and strictly not recommended. On the support website of PUBG Mobile Lite, it is clearly stated that the players must not change the date of the client's file.

On top of that, it is also mentioned on the website that the use of unofficial or cracked clients will lead to a suspension of the account. Once the players are found guilty of cheating, they will be appropriately punished—irrespective of who was using the account.


Players should stay away from modded clients and files. The use of Gun skin mod is not allowed and never recommended.

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