PUBG Mobile Lite unlimited BC mod: All you need to know

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BC or Battle Coins are the in-game currency of PUBG Mobile Lite, and are used to purchase various exclusive in-game items like skins, costumes and emotes.

Even though skins and costumes do not enhance skills, players still yearn for these items as they are visually appealing.

They have to spend actual money to procure BC in PUBG Mobile Lite, which for many is not viable. Hence, players look for other ways to get BC without spending money.

Sometimes, users come across the unlimited BC mod, and in this article, we will discuss repercussions of using tools like the unlimited BC mod in PUBG Mobile Lite.

What is unlimited BC mod in PUBG Mobile Lite?

It is a modified version of the game client which allegedly provides players unlimited BC. However, this is not true, as PUBG Mobile Lite is a server-based game, and values of all the currencies are stored in the servers. Hence, any currency mod does not work, and is only visual, i.e. the BC is only visible in the game but cannot be used to make any purchases.

Are they legal?

FAQ section of Tencent
FAQ section of Tencent

The use of any mod APK is considered illegal. According to the FAQ section of PUBG Mobile Lite, players should not use any unofficial, modified or cracked game client to play the game, and this can even lead to the suspension of the account.

Also mentioned is a point that if the player changes the data of the PUBG Mobile Lite client, they will receive a permanent ban. So, the use of tools like the unlimited BC mod in PUBG Mobile Lite is prohibited and illegal.


The use of any type of mod or tool is not allowed and never recommended, and players shouldn't use such tools under any circumstances.

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