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PUBG Mobile Mafia Cup Semifinal Day 2 results

Published 04 Jan 2020, 08:03 IST
04 Jan 2020, 08:03 IST

Entity Gaming is leading Group C
Entity Gaming is leading Group C

The second day of PUBG Mobile Mafia cup has concluded, and the entire day was a series of ups and downs. Three matches took place on Day 2 (Group C), and similar to the previous days, all the matches were held in a third-person perspective. The first match took place in Erangel, followed by a match in Miramar and Sanhok. Here is a quick recap of everything that happened on Day 2:

Game 1

The flight path for the map was from Gatka to Mylta Power and the first playzone formed near the east side of the map. LeYe's Azayn knocked out members of Exile Gaming that got caught in a sticky situation. Entity Gaming took full advantage of this scenario as they came from behind to finish three members of Exile Gaming that were already down.

In the end, Raven's Lemu eliminated Hydra's Effin who was rotating in a car followed by a simple kill on Entity Gaming's Neyo to win the first Chicken Dinner of the day.

Game 2

The flight path for the second game stretched from south to north and the first playzone formed near the west side of the map. VSG Crawler’s Sangwan played brilliantly to knock two members of Exile Gaming with his M24. This allowed the rest of VSG Crawlers member to push, but the move backfired as VSG Crawlers got sandwiched between Exile Gaming and No SympathY, which resulted in their death.

Entity Gaming continued their impressive run in Game 2 as Clutchgod was on a rampage, killing everyone left and right. Entity Gaming won the Chicken Dinner as they comfortably eliminated Megastars in the final zone.

Game 3

Even though Entity Gaming racked up multiple kills in the final game of the day, their journey ended early as they got wiped out by Team SinsChaos. VSG Crawler played passively in Game 3, and they were rewarded as the team made it to the top 5. VSG using their height advantage eliminating Aatrox Official from the game. UP50 made it to the final circle with all four members in hand, and with a 2 man advantage on both VS Crawler and Crazy Gang, they were able to close out the game.

Modified 04 Jan 2020, 08:03 IST
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