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PUBG Map:  Erangel and Miramar Explained

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Kuldeep Thapa
Modified 26 Oct 2018, 17:35 IST
Property of Tencent Gaming
Property of Tencent Gaming

Player Unknown battlegrounds is one of the most played games of 2018. The success of the game has not been limited to one platform as the game has been released on several platforms now. The game was initially released on PC in 2016 which then became an instant hit. This was followed by a release on Xbox One. Earlier this year Tencent released PUBG mobile a free to play game contrary to Its both PC and Console version where its pay to play. The game quickly rose to the top as the Game company recently revealed that the game has already crossed 100 million downloads excluding the region of China, Japan, and Korea in a span of just four months whereas games usually take six months to one year to reach this feat.

PUBG are now coming up with another mobile version of the game which will be targeted towards lower budget Smartphones. The game will be called PUBG Lite which will take fewer requirements. As of now the version has only been released in Philipines and is expected to hot global market after some testing.

The game will be leaving its Beta phase on September 4 for Xbox One and will be bringing a lot of changes along with it. Sanhok Map is expected to be added to Live servers. Microsoft has also revealed that they will be releasing Special PUBG themed controller for Xbox One which is up for Preorders.

The game will also be hosting its latest tournament starting from October with HP Omen series. HP along with Intel has partnered with PUBG to a host a major tournament with a combine Prize Pool of 50,000$.

The game has a come long way since its release and we take a deeper look at the PUBG Maps available in the Mobile version of the game as of now.


Erangel Map

The word Erangel comes the word Eryn which is apparently Playerunkown's Daughter. Erangel is a fictional Island in Player Unkown Battlegrounds situated somewhere near Russia. The Island was a center of testing for Weapons and Biological/Chemical Experiments for Military. After the local civilization revolted against the experiments happening on the Island this led to a war between the locals and the military. This furthermore led to everyone including the military to abandon the island as it became unsafe for living. Military bases and other buildings like Hospital and school can still be seen on the map.


These are the major cities in Erangel-

Georgopol, Novorepnoye, Pochinki, Yasnaya Polyana and Sosnovka Military Base.

These are the minor cities in Erangel-

Gatka, Kameshki, Lipovka, Mylta, Primorsk, Rozhok, Severny, Stalber and Zharki.

The map is 8*8 Km island full of trees with grass patches at some places. These allow players to camouflage in the natural surroundings. The map is good for aggressive plays.

The map has a large variety of guns which are-

Assault rifles-

AKM, AUG, Groza, M16A4, M416, and Scar-L.

Shot Guns-

S12K, S686, and S1897.

Sub Machine Guns-

Vector, Micro Uzi, Tommy Gun, and UMP9.

Sniper Rifles(DMR,Bolt-action)-

AWM, Kark98, M24, Mini 14, MK14, SLR, and VSS.

Light Machine Guns-

DP-28 and M249.

Vehicles are very necessary to travel around the map faster, Erangel has both Roadways and Waterways Vehicles. These are the vehicles available in the game-


Buggy, Dacia1300, Motorcycle, Motorcycle(3 seater), UAZ(open) and UAZ(closed).


Aquaraill, PG-117.

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Published 01 Sep 2018, 17:25 IST
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