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PUBG MOBILE: New TDM Aztec Temple Map to set to feature in 0.15.0 update; details of gameplay

Anant Rai
1.40K   //    26 Aug 2019, 13:47 IST


PUBG Mobile has been bringing in some interesting updates to the game this year. After the helicopter, grenade launcher and RPG in the Chinese beta versions, a new PUBG map has now been launched. This update is now available only in the Chinese version and is open for specific players as it is still being tested. The map has a concept that is similar to the 4v4 Team-Death-match. For this, there will be two in-game squads which would be spawned on two different spots of the map. After a kill, the player would be respawned until the team gets a specific number of kills and win the match.

The map will be much bigger than the basic Team Death-Match. The covers for the players in the new map will be much more and will include huge rocks and pillars in the temple. The map also has stairs connecting to a high ground which was not seen in the older map. Here are a few screenshots of the game-play in the New Aztec Temple Map:

The Aztec Temple Map on PUBG Mobile
The Aztec Temple Map on PUBG Mobile

The new Aztec maps also give a touch of ruins in the Sanhok map. The graphics seen in the match is more realistic in comparison to the other maps. In addition, this map will offer players the option of sliding that will help the player to cover distance at a much higher speed than the normal. This option is new in the game and has not been operational in the TDM matches yet.


In the new TDM Aztec Temple map, players will be getting ammunition at different locations and this, will help during the fight as players have to go to a spawning spot to collect ammo if they run out of the same. The launch of this new map, is speculated to happen on versions across the globe. However, the update has not been announced officially as yet.

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