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PUBG Mobile News: Top 8 Excavate Locations In PUBG Mobile To Get Level 3 Items And Flare Gun

Ronak Sharma
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:55 IST

Top 8 Excavate Locations In PUBG Mobile
Top 8 Excavate Locations In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is known for introducing many new interesting items in the game for its players. In the previous updates, PUBG Mobile introduced blossom trees at different places which were rewarding players with level 3 gears and even flare guns too.

Now again, PUBG Mobile has introduced the same feature in which players can get various level 3 items, grenades, and flare guns too by excavating. Here are 8 locations from where you can excavate and get various level 3 items and flare gun in PUBG Mobile for free. 

Top 8 Excavate Locations In PUBG Mobile

#1 Novorepnoye Hill

If you are looking for the best location to excavate and get free level 3 items, then you can head to the hill between Novorepnoye and Sosnovka Military Base. You can find the excavate location right under the big radio tower and get some good items for yourself.

#2 Rozhok Hill

Another location to get some level 3 items by excavating is on the Rozhok Hill. This location is one of the most visited locations, as many players love to go to the School area and Rozhok.

#3 Prison

The third location to get free level 3 gear and other items is near the small tower in Prison on Erangel map. You can give a visit to get these level 3 items for free in PUBG Mobile.

#4 Mylta Power


Another location for excavate is beneath one of the Power plants situated in Mylta Power in PUBG Mobile.

Top 8 Excavate Locations In PUBG Mobile
Top 8 Excavate Locations In PUBG Mobile

If you want some free level 3 items like level 3 vest, helmet or backpack, then you can go to this location also. 

#5 Ferry Pier

This location is not visible to most of the players as it is situated on the small island in Ferry Pier.

#6 Stalber

Another excavate location is also present in the ruins of Stalber in Erangel map in PUBG Mobile. You can give a visit to this location if your plane is flying over Stalber as most of the players ignores to visit this far on the map. 

#7 Near Bunker In Shooting Range

If you are in Shooting Range in the map then you can visit the underground bunker situated near the area as one of the locations to excavate is also present here.

#8 Near Crashed Plane In Shooting Range

Another location to excavate is also present near the crashed or ruined plane on the upper side of Shooting Range.

So, these were some of the best locations to use this new feature in PUBG Mobile and get some good items for yourself. 

Published 24 Jul 2019, 05:50 IST
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