PUBG Mobile: PMCO caster goes out of line with his language, NODWIN responds 

Manu Krat Karki is a renowned PUBG Mobile caster
Manu Krat Karki is a renowned PUBG Mobile caster
Tarun Sayal

During an online Counter-Strike match on Wednesday, renowned PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) and PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) caster Mannu 'kRaT' Karki verbally abused his opponents and teammates.

The New Delhi based commentator is one of the most popular casters in the Indian PUBG Mobile community, having hosted a variety of online and offline tournaments. However, he has found himself in troubled waters after his CS GO lobby allegedly dished out rape threats to players' mothers and sisters during a competitive PUG on a Sostronk server.

One particular member even threatened a recreation of the Nirbhaya incident towards the opponent's sister, while consistently abusing him and his family during the match.

The entire incident

On 18 April, kRat was playing a 5v5 PUG match against Rushant Malhotra's friends Karan Shandyila, Ritik, Vaibhav, Element and Loki God. Rushant opened up on the incident on Facebook, stating:

"So this happened yesterday in pug match in SoStronk. My friends were playing a match against Mannu Karki and his lobby, who apparently is a caster for Nodwin gaming from a long time. Turns out that all of his team was in a Discord channel including some more members of Nodwin gaming.

"From the very start of the game these guys were very toxic and abused my team for no reason. Apparently, these guys didn't know where to draw the line of all the toxicity they were spreading."

The language used by kRat's team members was of an extremely obscene and vitriolic nature. Moreover, when a player from Rushant's team got disconnected, a new member joined their side. The kRat team members immediately started abusing the newbie (who it later transpired was a friend of Rushant's) for joining the match, even extending their insults to his family.

kRatT's can be seen hurling abuses here
kRatT's can be seen hurling abuses here

kRaT's team eventually started issuing threats to Rushant and Vaibhav, saying that they had access to their respective addresses.

Rushant shed plenty of light on this, explaining:

"Surprisingly I wasn't even in that game and I was being abused in the game because they thought I was playing as well. These guys threatened me as well saying that they have the addresses of residences of me and Vaibhav, which they could only have had if they had access to the documents we had sent in to Nodwin for the payments they had to make for us as players as well as administrators for their events.

"I for once thought that these documents and my personal information will stay safe in the hands of Nodwin's team but I was wrong and now I have been openly threatened by Mannu Karki and his lobby."

kRaT went on to change his steam ID user name, and deleted his aliases to hide his tracks. However, Rushant was able to screenshot the change before it happened.

Screenshot of the Steam Account before the aliases were removed
Screenshot of the Steam Account before the aliases were removed
The Steam account currently shows no aliases
The Steam account currently shows no aliases

After the coronavirus lockdown ends, Rushant and his friends will be seeking legal advice to get justice for the trauma they faced on Wednesday.

kRaT and NODWIN Gaming's Response

After initially denying the claims on his Instagram handle, kRaT admitted to being a part of the lobby and also to abusing his opponents. However, he specifically stated that the extreme comments such as the Nirbhaya one weren't made by him.

kRaT's employers Nodwin Gaming also issued a response on Facebook, stating:

"One of our hosts Mannu 'kRaT' Karki, has been accused of making obscene statements in a CS:GO game on SoStronk. We are currently investigating the incident, and once all the facts are with us, we shall take the strictest action. Until then, we shall be placing Mannu Karki under probation.

"At Nodwin, our goal is to make gaming fun and enjoyable for all communities. Whether it is competitive or just a casual game, making the environment unsafe and uncomfortable for other gamers is something that we absolutely do not condone. Toxicity has no place in this world."

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