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PUBG Mobile pro tips: Fastest ways to reach conqueror 

How to reach Conqueror quickly in PUBG Mobile
How to reach Conqueror quickly in PUBG Mobile
Modified 20 Jun 2020, 22:40 IST

Every player starts playing a game with the dream of reaching the top and becoming the best. PUBG Mobile is no exception to the rule for gamers. Players are categorized into different ranks based on their skills in the game. Every player wants to reach the highest tier, which is ‘Conqueror’. 

Conqueror is the topmost tier in PUBG Mobile, and only the top 500 players in a region can reach the top. Players require excellent mechanical skills and game sense to reach the highest tier.

Tips to reach Conqueror in PUBG Mobile

Conqueror Rank
Conqueror Rank

In this article, we reveal some tips to reach Conqueror rank quickly. Players can follow these tips to push their rank in PUBG Mobile. The road for pushing the rank is never easy and requires a lot of efforts.

#1 Proper usage of guns and utilities

Players should practice playing with almost any gun since there is no guarantee of finding a particular weapon in PUBG Mobile. Players should also efficiently use the frag grenades, molotovs, smoke grenades as well as the stun grenade. The players can either use them offensively or use them for defense when the foe is rushing on to them. 

#2 Right Settings

The players should find the settings that suit them well. Sensitivity in PUBG Mobile is entirely subjective, and copying other player’s sensitivity doesn’t yield any results. Players can adjust their sensitivity based on their comfort and device while training. It is also essential to not change these settings quite frequently.

#3 Finding teammates


Finding the right teammates while pushing the rank helps a lot. Playing with the same players increases coordination, which makes it slightly easier to win more often. Every player in the squad must carry weapons according to their roles. 

#4 Kills and Survival 

Both survival and kills are essential while trying to push their rank to the higher tier in PUBG Mobile. Players must not neglect any of these aspects. Survival earns players placements points. Missing out on any of the above makes it difficult to climb higher. Players should also understand the importance of vehicles as they can make for a good cover as well as can be used for rotations.

#5 Staying consistent

Players should stay consistent while pushing rank. Each match counts, players must try their best in every match. It is not easy to reach Conqueror, so you must be persistent. Players should also stay pushing their rank since the beginning of the season as it might be slightly difficult to do so in the latter part half.

Published 20 Jun 2020, 22:11 IST
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