PUBG Mobile 2020 redeem codes today for July 8: Free helmet skin

New PUBG Mobile redeem codes (Picture Courtesy: Spark Subh/YT)
New PUBG Mobile redeem codes (Picture Courtesy: Spark Subh/YT)

PUBG Mobile offers a variety of skins, cosmetics and emotes to players, and these items have become an integral part of the game. Players crave these items, and it is difficult to resist the temptations of these exclusive items. Users usually spend in-game currency called UC or Unknown Cash to get these items.

Not every player can afford to spend on UC to purchase these items, however. Hence, they look for other ways to get free UC, or these items directly. Redeem codes, released by PUBG Mobile during events, are an excellent way to get such items for free. However, players have to be quick to get them.

Here is the latest redeem code that will give provide players with a helmet skin in PUBG Mobile

Redeem code for Hot Pizza Helmet: BCAHZMZ64EC

(Note: The duration for the helmet is only three days)

Follow the steps given below to use redeem codes and claim this helmet:

Step 1: Visit the official website of PUBG Mobile or click here to visit the redemption center.

Step 2: Enter the redeem code, PUBG Mobile ID and verification code.

Step 3: Click on the redeem button and verify the details.

Step 4: You will receive the item from the mail section of PUBG Mobile.

Step 5: Check the mail and correct the reward.

It is essential to note that if you get an error message saying that the redemption limit has been reached, or that the redeem code is invalid, it simply means that the redeem code has reached its usage limit and players cannot further use it.

If a player faces the above error, then he/she will have to wait till the next time PUBG Mobile releases a redeem code.

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