PUBG Mobile: Strategies you should know before participating in an official tournament

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile


PUBG Mobile, with a vast pool prize, has been bringing mega tournaments around the world. Its a place where players get a chance to test their skills and game sense.

Last year, PUBG Mobile announced a 5 million USD pool prize tournament. As PUBG Mobile Pro League is also ongoing in the region, more and more players are motivated to participate in the competitive arena.

For the players who have recently stepped into the competitive scene or are going to do so shortly, here are some quick tips, strategies, and tactics that one should keep in mind to be on top of the points table.

# Analysing drop location of each team in the lobby

By knowing the drop location of each team, it will help you decide the rotation path to the zone, and avoid any unnecessary fights with and loss of a teammate.

It will also help the team to change the drop location if a particular team is not in the lobby and your usual drop location is not reachable.

# Dividing the map according to the plane path


A PUBG Miramar map
A PUBG Miramar map


As seen in the Miramar map above, you can see that the fight path is progressing from the southern portion of the map.

Now if we divide the map into zones, most teams will drop in the 1st circle, around 5-6 teams in the 2nd circle, and 2-3 teams in the 3rd circle. This information should always be collected by at least one teammate. It would be useful in the rotations in third to fifth zones.

You can hold a compound by moving along the edges of the zone. These strategies are used by many of the international teams but are rarely seen in Asia region teams.

# Higher ground is still an advantage


You should never go for a fight where your enemy is on the higher ground until the team has no other option. The enemy will have better angles, and great cover. Your team will suffer unnecessary damage and knocks that may affect your later gunfights.

# Team Strategy

Team strategies can range from aggressive, passive or medium. Depending on the same, you can always aim for the center of the circle and play the edge of the zone if there a hard shift in the last few zones.

# Prefer zones over fights

The last tip is that you should always prefer zones over fights. If you go for kills instead of zones, it can significantly affect your position in the points table.

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