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PUBG Mobile: Team SouL's Journey in PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split Global Finals 2019

Ronak Sharma
29 Jul 2019, 18:42 IST

Team SouL's Journey Of PMCO Global Finals 2019
Team SouL's Journey Of PMCO Global Finals 2019

With the hopes and expectations from one of the biggest gaming community in India, Team SouL landed in Berling to make mark on the Global Stage. And the team performed really well as they finished at the 12th position on PMCO Global Final 2019 leaderboards. Top Esports from China were declared PMCO Spring Split 2019 Champions. Here is a short journey of Team SouL in PMCO Global Finals.

Day 1:

On day 1 of PMCO Global Finals, Team SouL started their run at the Global Finals by taking 11th position in the first match. The first day of PMCO Global Finals wasn't the day for the Team SouL to shine and rise as they only managed to take 5th position in the fourth match of day 1. In other matches, Team SouL didn't even make it to top 10 team and at of end of day 1, they were placed 14th on the leaderboards. 

Day 2:

On Day 2, Team SouL enhanced their gameplay in a much better way as they started to play aggressively. This new style of gameplay paid off very well as they started to get some good positions on the leaderboards. But the best thing happened to in the last match of the day, as Soul MortaL and his team were able to secure Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Team SouL's Journey Of PMCO Global Finals 2019
Team SouL's Journey Of PMCO Global Finals 2019

It pushed their ranking from 14th to 7th on the leaderboard. From this moment, fans expectation from Team Soul grew and and expected the same level of performance on day 3.

Day 3:

But on day 3, Chinese Teams started showing very strategic and aggressive gameplay. Team SouL only could take top 10 positions in 3 matches out of 6 matches on last day. Due to this, their rankings fell, and Team Soul ended on the 12th place on the final leaderboards. 

But, overall, the team performed exceptionally well. They have shown that Indian teams can compete against the world's best at the global stage and with the fall split to come this year, Team SouL will be expected to come back stronger.

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