PUBG Mobile: Top 5 kill leaders from PMWL 2020 East League Stage Week 3 Day 2

PMWL 2020
PMWL 2020

The third and final week of the PUBG Mobile World League 2020(PMWL) East has commenced, and the top 16 teams after this week will qualify for the Grand Finals. On Day 1, TSM-Entity topped the table with 69 points and 38 kills. However, Bigetron made a comeback on the second day and clinched 97 points with 42 kills.

Team Nova Godlike and Team Morph qualified for the third Super Weekend. They will play in the PMWL East Super Weekend for the first time.

SynerGE, NoChance, Freestyle, Reject Scarlet were the four teams that couldn't qualify for the third Super Weekend.

Top five kill leaders from PMWL 2020 East Week 3 Day 2:

The Sniper of the defending World Champions BTR, Bigetron Luxxy, got the 1st position with 14 kills. After an ordinary performance on Day 1, Luxxy took his team to the first position on Day 2.

Twin brother of Luxxy and Bigetron's IGL, Zuxxy, came on the 2nd place with 14 kills. Team Bigetron finished 19th at the end of Day 1, but came back to the top after an exemplary performance on Day 2.

KOG Braga notched 11 kills and got the 3rd position. Team KOG is known for its fragging prowess in the SEA Region. The team is now showcasing its caliber at the world stage.

KOG SOUP77 is at the 4th position with nine kills. KOG had an extraordinary run on Day 2, where they got 65 points and their first chicken dinner in World League.

Bigetron Microboy is the third member from Team Bigetron to get a place in the kills leaderboard. He is a support player for his team and took eight kills. Team Bigetron took 55 kills in 8 matches of Week 3.

Top 16 teams qualified for PMWL Super Weekend Week 3

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