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The Best Indian PUBG Mobile Players Trending on the Internet; Featuring Soul Mortal, 8bit Thuglife

Mohit Kumar
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Over the past few months, the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile has lifted the Indian gaming community to such heights that would have not been possible with other games.

Nowadays, the Indian population spends a majority of their time either shooting in PUBG Maps Erangel or crawling in the green grass of Sanhok. 

The latest survey says that almost every eight out 10 adults have PUBG Mobile installed in their smartphones.

There was a time when an adult of India used to start his day with brushing, however, in the recent time, the clock for the day starts with a chicken dinner and also ends up with one.

There was a time when streets were filled up with children’s screams; grounds were half occupied with kids playing cricket, badminton, and other physical activities. Meanwhile, the PUBG Mobile wave has changed everything.

It is a thing to be noted that the recent trend of PUBG Mobile has completely changed the lives of Indian gamers.

There was a time when nobody knew what is SOUL Mortal, SWAT, KAR, 8bit; however, in the limelight of PUBG Mobile, the lives of gamers have changed for good.

The year 2018 gave a lot of fun to the Indian community. In the same year, many new gamers came out on the Internet. YouTube is filled with streams, videos, and mini hacks of PUBG Mobile. If one searches “PUBG Mobile” then there are millions of videos available on the same. The PUBG Mobile plays an important role in the development of Indian gaming community.


Naman Mathur - SOUL MORTAL
Naman Mathur - SOUL MORTAL

When we hear ‘SOUL’ in the gaming community, the first name that comes to the mind is Naman Mathur aka ‘MORTAL’.

A 23-year-old Indian graduate who used to play Mini Militia in his iPad later turned towards the PUBG Mobile. He also has a YouTube channel where he streams for hours and hours.

Naman Mathur is a professional gamer from Navi Mumbai. He was a conqueror player in the last season. The current statistics of this boy are mesmerizing – Kill Ratio more than 10 and ‘Ace’ tier. Along with this, the accuracy and headshots are what makes him unique in the gaming community.

“Iconic Toh Legend Hain”, a pun slag which is trending among the people who follow SOUL clan with dying heart.


A name ‘Iconic’ also comes into the mind when we name ‘Mortal’ in the PUBG world. For those who don’t know who is SOUL ICONIC – Iconic is a player’s name (a friend of Naman Mathur) who is a part of SOUL clan. He plays with Mortal in almost every game.

Iconic lives in New Delhi and is a fitness freak. On his Instagram account, he has more pictures of the gym than PUBG Mobile. He also has a very good Kill Ratio and currently he is in ‘Ace’ tier.


'Experiment' is also a teammate of Naman Mathur. He is known as the ‘GOD of FPP’. Experiment joined SOUL some days before.

Before SOUL, he used to be a part of 'VOID' clan. 'Experiment' has royal point 100; along with it he also holds a very good Kill Ratio, and currently in ‘Ace Tier’.


The SOUL clan completes with Nova – another teammate of Naman Mathur. Nova aka SOUL NOVA hails from New Delhi.

He also has a YouTube channel named ‘NovaKing’. The PUBG Mobile stats of Nova show that he is also a pro player. As of now, he is in ‘Ace’ tier and holds a good Kill Ratio.

GodL iMaZiK

iMaZik is a part of GodL clan – a clan which we know by a famous name Kronten. Kronten is known as the founder of GodL clan.

Although he is an emulator player some of his clan members play PUBG Mobile more frequently. iMaZik has killed a lot of players in the India Crew League – a recent tournament organized by Tencent for PUBG Mobile players.

8Bit - Thuglife

Animesh Agarwal
Animesh Agarwal

Team 8bit is a professional gaming clan with extraordinary skills. A clan established by Animesh Agarwal from Guwahati, Assam.

Animesh plays under the name ‘8bit-Thuglife’. In most of the games, Team 8Bit has outperformed SOUL clan. Animesh is the team leader who is a pro in both TPP and FPP. He also has a YouTube Channel - ‘8bit_thug’ where he streams and uploads PUBG Mobile videos.


KAR clan – a clan which you can see in almost every official PUBG tournament. In the recent semi-finals round tournament “India Crew League”, KAR clan is giving a neck to neck fight to other clans like SOUL and ETG.

BIKA play such tournament with his teammates. Some of the famous names of the clan are:



iii. KAR – MYTH

iv. KAR – K9



The ETG clan starts up with a famous name ‘MADDOG’. He is the one who leads from the front. In the recent tournament ICL, ETG clan performed really well. The clan has a good fan base in India.

ETG has played a lot of official PUBG Mobile tournament in the last few months. MADDOG is in ‘Ace’ tier and has a very good Kill Ratio. Other famous names of ETG clan are ETGxBIGPAPA, ETGxBULLET, ETGxTORPEDO.

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