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PUBG Mobile Update: What to Expect From Season 3

Kuldeep Thapa
4.46K   //    21 Aug 2018, 14:53 IST

property of Tencent gaming
property of Tencent gaming

Player Unkown Battlegrounds mobile has been garnering a huge success. Just recently the game crossed 100 million downloads in a span of just four months, this is huge considering games usually take 6-12 months to reach this milestone. We have to also consider that downloads from China, Japan and Korea are not taken in the count. As the Season 2 almost coming to its end we take a look at what new features could be coming to PUBG mobile soon-

Sanhok Map

The rainforest Map might be making its way to PUBG mobile official servers. The map has already been added to the Chinese version of PUBG mobile. The lushly green war map is full of structures and is a great map for aggressive players. Sanhok map also has some new features.

This PUBG map has a new Armored UAZ vehicle which is a total beast. The Vehicle protects the players riding it from any kind of damage through gunfire. This game-changing benefit of the vehicle has been compensated by its slower speed and heavy riding. Like ordinary vehicles, the Armoured UAZ has a life and can be destroyed if it takes more damage.

To summon Armoured UAZ players need a Flare gun which is another feature which comes with Sanhok map. If a player shoots a Flare gun outside the play zone then Armoured is summoned just like a regular drop falling from the sky. If the player shoots the Flare gun inside the Playzone then a regular airdrop is summoned. It is to be kept in mind that every player can see the Flare in the sky after it is shot likewise everybody can see the drop or Armoured UAZ so using a Flare gun can be a risky business. Flare gun can be found across the map but it is a rare item.

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Sanhok Map features a new Rifle QBZ, which takes 5.56 as its bullet. The gun has a base damage of 43 and a fire rate of 0.092s.

Few more changes come with Sanhok Map like Duck bill muzzle or Muscle car etc.

Option to shuffle between FPP and TPP in the game

Players might finally be getting an option which allows them to switch between FPP and TPP in game. This option has been added to Chinese server but is only exclusive to TPP mode. Which means you can switch between TPP and FPP in TPP game mode.

The new season is expected to hit in last few days of this month and we will have to wait and see what changes it brings.

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