PUBG Mobile: Who is K18?

I am Ketan
I am Ketan

I am someone who finds joy in everything. My transition from playing Cricket to casting PUBG Mobile has been nothing but adventurous. Although my lifestyle is very hectic, I try to find pleasure in simple things.

I like to see the world through my camera lens, and vlogging is something I am very passionate about. To put it in simple terms, I am a bit of everything at once. I wanted to take this time and tell the world more about myself, so here it goes.

Q. Who is K18 Gaming?

I am a PUBG Mobile Caster, a Vlogger, and a sports enthusiast. I am an outgoing person who is always interested in learning new things.

Q. How did K18 Gaming start gaming?

I started with Clash of Clans.
I started with Clash of Clans.

I was a casual gamer during my school days, but Clash of Clans really piqued my interest. Soon after, I started my Youtube Channel, which was based around Clash of Clans. However, after the release of PUBG Mobile in 2018, I shifted my focus towards it.

Q. What does K18 Gaming do apart from gaming?

Apart from gaming, I like to work on my Vlogs or improve my Casting. I also like to spend my time with my family and friends whenever possible.

Q. What social media handles does K18 Gaming have?

Apart from having a channel on Youtube, I am also active on Instagram.

I have 98k followers on Instagram
I have 98k followers on Instagram
I have 392k subscribers on Youtube
I have 392k subscribers on Youtube

Q. What is the real name of K18 gaming?

My real name is Ketan Patel, and I am 22 years old.

Q. Where is K18 Gaming from?

I was born and brought up in Delhi.

Q. What did K18 Gaming do during his school days?

I have always been an outgoing person.
I have always been an outgoing person.

I was an extrovert in my school days and had a lot of friends. I was also very active in sports and represented my school in various tournaments. Cricket was my favorite sport and I have a lot of fond memories related to it. Apart from that, I was just like any other young kid who was looking to carve a niche for himself.

Q. Has K18 Gaming given any competitive exams?

I gave an exam for BCA after finishing my 12th standard.

Q. Where did K18 Gaming go to college?

I went to IINTM, Janakpuri, Delhi. The college is affiliated to IP University.

Q. What do K18 Gaming's parents think about his gaming?

For a long period, my parents had no idea that I was running a Youtube channel. In fact, I only told my parents about the channel when one of my Clash of Clans videos became viral and generated some revenue. They didn't oppose the idea as I convinced them that this could be a viable career for me. They have always supported me.

Q. Who are K18 gaming's favorite players?

Ibiza from Team Liquid is one of my favorite players of all time. In the Indian gaming landscape, it's hard to pick one since there are many talented individuals. But If I had to name a few, it would be Dajitsk for his impressive Sniping and Jonathan for his aggressive assaulting abilities.

Q. Which city does K18 Gaming currently stay in?

I currently live in New Delhi.

Q. You have covered a lot of events so far. Which event is your all-time favorite?

PMCO Fall Split regional-finals 2019, which was held in Delhi, was by far one of my most favorite events. I've been a part of all the big PUBG Mobile LAN events that have happened so far in the country, and all of them have been great. But the energy and the fans that were present in Delhi for the regional-finals made the event something else.

It was also a great occasion since I am very close with the IGL of Entity Gaming(Ghatak), who eventually went on to win that split with his team.

Q. What equipment does K18 Gaming use for gaming and streaming?

I stream with I7, 9th Gen, 1060 6GB GPU. I use Elgato to stream PUBG Mobile.

Q. What is K18 Gaming's favorite food, and why?

Although I am not picky when it comes to food, my favorite food would be Butter Paneer Masala.

Q. Does K18 Gaming like other sports apart from e-sports?

I used to play a lot of Cricket
I used to play a lot of Cricket

Yes, I am a huge Cricket buff and was a part of a Cricket Club in Delhi. My Cricket journey started when my friend sold me an entire Cricket kit for a very low price. I also like to watch Football with my friends whenever possible.

Q. Does K18 Gaming want to go professional?

I have invested so much time and effort into casting that I think it won't be a smart move if I switch to a professional player. Be it casters or professional players; each element is important to the Esports ecosystem. I can also help upcoming casters to grow, which ultimately can lead to a better Esports landscape in the country.

Q. What is K18 Gaming's PUBG ID?

My PUBG ID is 8bitK18.

Q. Where can I buy K18 Gaming's merchandise?

Currently, I don't have plans for releasing my merchandise, and it won't happen until I hit 1 million subscribers mark on YouTube.

Q. Where does K18 Gaming see himself in five years?


It's hard to say what exactly I will be doing in the future, but you will surely see me casting more Esports tournaments. Vlogging is my passion, and I would like to establish myself as a proper Vlogger in the coming time. Apart from that, nothing is concrete, but I am more than ready to face future endeavors.

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