PUBG Mobile: Who is Sevou?

I am Sevou
I am Sevou
Modified 25 Jun 2020

To this day, the person behind Sevou and Spoidermon has been a mystery. I would like to take the opportunity to tell you more about myself. My name is Sevou, and I'm a PUBG Mobile content creator on YouTube. I'm the younger brother of popular PUBG Mobile content creator Levinho. I have over 3.2 million subscribers on Youtube.

Here is what my journey has been so far in the world of gaming.

Q. Who is Sevou?

I stream PUBGM
I stream PUBGM

I am a PUBG Mobile content creator, mostly known for my Spoidermon character and my aggressive gameplay in YouTube videos. I like to include funny jokes and memes in my videos to entertain my followers.

Q. How did Sevou start gaming?

Gaming has been with me since I was a kid, but I took a long break from all sorts of games for a couple of years to focus on studies. By the end of 2018, I joined my brother Levinho's videos, where I played the role of 'the president'. A couple of weeks later, I started my own YouTube channel.

Q. What does Sevou do apart from gaming?

Gaming is my full-time job now since I took a break from my university studies. I hope to finish my studies soon. Besides gaming, I like to stay active, explore nature, and spend time with family and friends.

Q. What social media handles does Sevou have?

I have 3.2M subscribers on YouTube
I have 3.2M subscribers on YouTube
I have 785k followers on Instagram
I have 785k followers on Instagram

My YouTube channel just crossed 3 Million subscribers last month, and my Instagram account is approaching 800k. A fun fact about my TikTok page is that I got it verified when I had only three followers.

Q. What is the real name of Sevou ?

Spoidermon. :)

Q. Where is Sevou from? 

I was born in a place far away, but I grew up in a suburb of Stockholm in Sweden.

Q. What did Sevou do during his school days? 

My dream since I was a kid was to become an architect. So I took several years break from all games to focus on my studies. After five failures, I finally got accepted into the Architecture program at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. I only have two courses left until I get my bachelor degree in Architecture. I hope to finish them soon.

Q. What do Sevou's parents think about his gaming?

I think every parent wishes the best for their children, and seeing their children become doctors or engineers is the ultimate goal for them.

My parents don't know much about gaming and hope that I finish my studies. But when I pause my life goal (of becoming an architect) to focus on gaming, they know that it must be something very special.

Q. Who are Sevou's favorite players of all time?

My favorite player is my own brother Levinho. He has a very similar game style as mine and he keeps improving day by day and I take my inspiration from him.

Q. Which city does Sevou currently stay in?

Stockholm in Sweden.

Q. What equipment does Sevou use for gaming and streaming?

I am planning to start streaming soon.
I am planning to start streaming soon.

I am currently not live streaming, but I have plans on doing it on a regular basis in the near future!

My gaming devices are iPhone 11 PRO Max and iPad Pro 11" 2020.

Q. What are Sevou's in-game settings? 

When I'm playing on the iPad, I use the 6-fingers claw on full gyroscope and extremely high sensitivity. When on an iPhone, I use 3 fingers claw with similar sensitivity.

Q. What is Sevou's favorite food, and why?

Pasta! I love Italian dishes.

Q. What is Sevou's personal favorite moment in PUBG?

I have so many favorite moments. But it's hard to forget the moment when I broke my personal kills record of 36 kills the first time. It was an unforgettable moment. That video has over 24 million views on YouTube.

Q. Does Sevou like other sports apart from Esports?

I like to play and watch football. I am so excited for the next World Cup!

Q. What is Sevou's PUBG ID?


Q. Where can I buy Sevou's merchandise? 

You can buy my merchandise here.
You can buy my merchandise here.

My first collection is available at;

More will probably come!

Q. Where does Sevou see himself in five years?

Five years is such a long time. Things change so quickly, and I can't even predict what will happen next year. But my goal is to start live streaming in the near future, and we will see what the next step is after that.

Q. What question do fans ask you the most, and what is the answer?

The most frequent question is obviously when I'm going to reveal my face. The answer to that question is not clear, unfortunately, but when the time and the circumstances are right, I will hopefully do it.

Published 25 Jun 2020
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