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PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode: PUBG X RE2 crossover new teaser revealed, releases in February 2019

Hrithik Raj
06 Feb 2019, 15:23 IST


PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile has proven to be one of the top mobile games. Whether it is iOS devices or Android, PUBG has remarkably made its market. Millions of players from all around the world are playing PUBG day and night to become a better player, to rank up or some other reasons.

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PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile fan base is always seeking new content. The developers have done well to support the game. It's even safe to say that PUBG Mobile receives more content than the PC version of the game.

Now without any further ado on the topic, PUBG's upcoming crossover with Capcom's critically acclaimed title Resident Evil 2 Remake is coming close to its release date. The new event mode along with other updates is set to arrive in Mid February. A new teaser was revealed at the official twitter page of PUBG Mobile.

The new teaser included a picture of PUBG Poster Girl standing in front of RPD, while the zombies were closing in on to her in the surrounding. The caption in the twitter post quoted "Only the strong will survive".

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This is indeed true as I have already played the zombie event mode in the beta version of the game. This new PUBGxRE2 crossover zombie event mode is quite a tough, as well as an innovative one.

You have to survive the enemy player along with the zombie onslaught. The new PUBG Zombie event mode includes almost all the zombies from resident evil 2 remake, which includes the bosses.


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