PUBG New State review: Enhanced graphics, setting take the PUBG franchise to future

PUBG New State brings several exciting elements (Image via PUBG New State)
PUBG New State brings several exciting elements (Image via PUBG New State)
Aniket Thakkar

Krafton makes a stride forward in the PUBG franchise with their latest offering, PUBG New State. The players jump into the year 2051, where they parachute in the city of Troi, which has become a battleground.

As part of the upcoming game, the developers have accommodated a range of new futuristic elements, including drone stores, weapon customization, and shields, which are commensurate with the game's futuristic concept.

PUBG New State: Original experience with a few new features

PUBG New State builds upon the foundation laid by its predecessor with the implementation of new technologies such as global illumination, which creates a more pleasing esthetic.

The game incorporates vital aspects of the PUBG IP and brings various features on the board, which seems to be very different in the first instance. Here is a dive into the other elements of PUBG New State:

New mechanics

Gameplay settings (Image via PUBG New State)
Gameplay settings (Image via PUBG New State)

The developers have stayed true to their word and provided a realistic gaming experience. When it comes to combat mechanics, the aim assist gets deactivated while shooting in the smoke, thus making it difficult to hit the enemies.

Moreover, certain areas in the Troi offer bulletproof glasses which might save the player from the enemy. One further subtle addition is that the doors of the cars now also provide cover.

Turn your foes into allies with the Recruit System


Recruit System is the most highlighted feature of the game but is it really a difference-maker? While it seems like a simple question, the answer may not be so. Players can now invite a downed enemy to join their team. After defeating a foe, the players will have an opportunity to recruit the player into the team if there is a space available. However, the opponent that is being recruited can decline the offer by clicking on the ‘Give Up’ button.

Considering the possibility of bringing one of the downed enemies into the team, it certainly seems to be incredible. In many cases, the player will be able to overcome the man deficit, which may even result in a better placement.

Another way to look at this feature is in terms of the ability to revive teammates. If teammates acquire the Green Flare Gun, they can use it to restore the downed player. Joining the opposing squad would be counterproductive given the existing squad's coordination and communication.

Resurrect the teammates

Recalling the lost teammate is not an entirely new notion in the battle royale genre, but a fresh approach has been applied when introducing it in this title. Players can simply resurrect a teammate once the player gets possession of a Green Flare Gun.

This is a significant change in contrast to PUBG Mobile, as the player can only summon back the fallen comrades in the Payload mode using the teammate's ID card.

Green Flare gun can be purchased from Drone Store for 1250 credits (Image via PUBG New State)
Green Flare gun can be purchased from Drone Store for 1250 credits (Image via PUBG New State)

The feature brings about a transformation in the game's dynamics, as the teams possessing the item will have a freehand to play more aggressively, owing to the option of gaining back players. However, the Green Flare Gun seems to be more accessible than it should be as it is available in the Drone Store at a lower cost than the red counterpart.

Erangel 2051, a return to the classic map

At launch, the players will have access to two vast 8x8 km maps, Troi and a 2051 recreation of the classic, fan-favorite Erangel map. The new map, Troi, has its center of attractions with Mall and Exhibit Hall, which the players will find very exciting due to its layout and loot.

The Mall (Image via PUBG New State)
The Mall (Image via PUBG New State)

The 2051 version of Erangel is much different, as many years have gone by, and various structures have been wrecked. From the visual POV, a distinctive look had been offered to the buildings.

On the other hand, the TDM does not have much difference to offer with the same monotonous objectives with the change in the map to Station. More customization options for TDM could do the trick here.


Graphic settings (Image via PUBG New State)
Graphic settings (Image via PUBG New State)

Visually, the aesthetics seem superior compared to the other titles of the battle royal genre on the mobile platform. The map textures are incredibly detailed for a mobile game; however, they looked a little odd and rough at specific spots, notably those of the ground. Since this observation comes from the Technical Test, these may likely be amended or enhanced.

Players can set the following options depending on the device used: Lite / Medium / High / Ultra / Extreme.

Visuals vary based on the setting (Image via PUBG New State)
Visuals vary based on the setting (Image via PUBG New State)

The visual experience will vary depending on which of these is selected. Nonetheless, in a battle royale game, many believe that a seamless gaming experience is more than sufficient for winning the game.

For mid-range devices, anything with mid to low graphics and FPS set at the maximum possible is best advised for a good experience.


Vehicles are an extremely crucial element since they allow players to rotate around the battlefield and provide fantastic cover.

Vehicles can provide cover (Image via PUBG New State)
Vehicles can provide cover (Image via PUBG New State)

The mode of transportation in PUBG New State is vastly different because the game is mainly based on electric cars. However, the AI-operated trams, on the other hand, are remarkably similar to the Hyperloop in PUBG Mobile, which was part of the Mission Ignition mode.

Vehicle trunk (Image via PUBG New State)
Vehicle trunk (Image via PUBG New State)

Vehicles have also received an overhaul, with possibilities to store supplies in the trunk. The players will therefore be able to carry more goods around.

Drone Store

Players will be able to receive supplies during the match through the Drone Store. Though this might make a slight difference for casual gameplay, the players have to rethink the strategy for competitive plays.

Drone delivers items (Image via PUBG New State)
Drone delivers items (Image via PUBG New State)

Essentially, they will have to use Drone Credits, which can be collected as loot. However, it would be best to be cautious as the drop will call a lot of attention from the surrounding area. Developers have to strike prices in the store, especially the prices to offer balance.

Weapon Customization

Weapon Customization will affect gunplay a lot. Players can turn a firearm into a total beast once they are modified with the kit. For instance, with the S686, they will fire both of their shots at once, while MK47 Mutant will get an auto mode.

Weapon Customization (Image via PUBG New State)
Weapon Customization (Image via PUBG New State)

Users can find them across the map, and they can be used with the weapon types labeled on them. These kits can also be purchased from the Drone Store for 500 credits; however, they are an exemption as they can be utilized with any of the weapons available for customization.

Yes, these kits have a significant influence which will be a turning point in the mobile segment of the franchise.


The Technical Test of PUBG New State was played on the Realme Narzo 30 Pro, and it ran the game with a frame rate of 40 to 45 in the highest settings. There were a few visible micro-stutters, which were resolved by lowering the settings.

In addition to this, the device being used became slightly warmer following a session lasting longer than an hour. Again, there will be changes in the performance with the updates.


Pros and cons of PUBG New State (Image via Sportskeeda)
Pros and cons of PUBG New State (Image via Sportskeeda)

PUBG New State has likely already found a balance between the original PUBG experience with the new features in place.

Those who have been playing PUBG Mobile will find the game to be an excellent fit. They have the opportunity to decide between PUBG Mobile and PUBG New State, and the former has been polished with the updates, while the latter is just being launched.

In particular, Indian players might find it an attractive option because BGMI has been plagued with the problem of hackers for a while now.

However, for some users, the game introduces too many channels of influence in the form of revival and drone store, which may make it overly complex for casual play on mobile devices, but this depends on the perspective.

An in-game screenshot of PUBG New State's graphics (Image via PUBG New State)
An in-game screenshot of PUBG New State's graphics (Image via PUBG New State)

With the final release and the updates, it is possible that some bugs and places where the textures seemed a little rough might be rectified. Moreover, the developers have promised to add more content, including maps, expanding the choices with the updates.

PUBG New State is worth a download, and users can avail of it once made available on November 11.

PUBG New State

Reviewed on: Realme Narzo 30 Pro (6GB/64GB) – (Technical Test access provided by developers)

Platform: Android and iOS

Developer: PUBG Studios

Publisher: KRAFTON

Release: November 11, 2021

Edited by Yasho Amonkar


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