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PUBG News: 13,390 PUBG Lite accounts banned permanently

Tarun Sayal
Published Jan 11, 2020
Jan 11, 2020 IST


PUBG Lite, the toned-down version of Player's Unknown Battlegrounds, has again kicked thousands of cheating accounts off their servers. The players using third-party apps, gaining information about opponent positions or using any aimbot tools will be banned immediately.

Yesterday, PUBG Lite released a notice on their Facebook page about the list of banned accounts. In the post, they had this to say:

We do not condone the use of any unauthorized programs for PUBG LITE. We will actively and strictly punish those who participate in unfair play.

Along with this, a full list of banned IDs and complete details have also been disclosed.

  • Period: January 2 - January 8
  • Permanent Ban: 13,390 accounts
  • Friendly Fire: 3,412 accounts (1st offense)
  • 186 accounts (2nd offense)
This is what the ban notice looks like
This is what the ban notice looks like

If the ban notice is also appearing in the players' account, they are able to check the length of their punishment here - whether they've been banned for 30 days, or permanently.

This list, organised in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, also includes those who have intentionally killed their temamates or abused the friendly fire feature.

PUBG Lite's long-anticipated Vikendi map will arrive shortly in the game servers, while pre-registrations have also been closed for early beta-testing. However, a release date is yet to be announced by officials - though players can hope for the next major update in January.

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