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PUBG News: Everything you need to know about PUBG's new Concept Map Venezia 

Hrithik Raj
37.33K   //    25 Nov 2018, 02:05 IST

Venezia Concept Map
Venezia Concept Map

PlayerUknown's Battleground became the first game to beat the steam active player records set by Counter Strike Global Offensive aka CSGO. In E3 2018, PUBG gave an appearance, a new teaser trailer was revealed in the event which showed a little glimpse of the new snow map the devs have been working for a while and some other new item and modes addition.

Reddit user IamEzalor, concept map creator of PlayerUnknown's Battleground winter map has been working on a new map named, "Venezia". The concept map was revealed a while ago in his official Reddit account. There might be a chance of Venezia getting opted as a new map in the coming future.

Venezia Concept Map
Venezia Concept Map

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Venice is known for a large number of canals/bridges/small islands. That should give you an idea about how challenging this map would be if it comes to action. The concept map also had some hotspot locations like Mariwa, Castle, Main Square, Harbor. The concept map also reveals spawn locations, vehicles, zone approach and weapons.

The Gameplay Idea of the map is that, the players will get spawned at the aquarails denoted by gray dots in the concept map and when the lobby is full after 10 seconds of cooldown the game for the top spot begins.


  • Aquarail.
  • Bicycle.
  • Vespa.


  • Beretta ARX 160(Assault Rifle).
  • Benelli M4(Shotgun).
  • HK-911(Under Water Pistol).
  • C4 Explosive charge (which can be obtained by creates only).

In place of the red zone, there will be a UAV surveillance drone which will reveal the location of the players outside of the zone., which I think is deadlier than the red zone especially in a map like this where you can be ambushed anytime anywhere. The concept map reveals an underwater pistol which means that if this map gets the green light by PUBG devs you can expect an underwater battle which is quite cool.

Later, Ezalor also posted a new version of the map with some less infrastructure, as a player I think this map would be great, it will be challenging and it might even get pro streamers to focus on PUBG once again. Well, it's a matter that depends upon the devs if they opt this map or not. We will update you all if any new news/official news arrives regarding this concept map until then stick to Sportskeeda.

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