PUBG News: Mega Esports Wins the PMCO Global Prelims 2019; Here's Day 3 Match Highlights and Summary

PMCO 2019 Global Prelims Overall Standings
PMCO 2019 Global Prelims Overall Standings
Tarun Sayal
Modified 25 Nov 2019

PMCO 2019 Global Prelims are finally over, and the Top 3 teams that will further proceed to Global Finals are revealed. In the PMCO 2019 Fall Global Prelims, all the 16 teams played very well and served a fierce competition to each other to reserve a spot in Top 3 names on the points table.

Mega Esports, Bigetron RA, and Orange Esports are the top 3 teams that will further perform in Global Finals. The three teams achieved 323, 271, and 182 points, respectively.

Here are the highlights of the PMCO 2019 Global Finals Prelims Day 3, along with Top 3 teams of every match.

Match 13 (Erangel TPP)

Winner Of The Match: Bigetron RA- 10 Kills

In the first game of Day 3, Team IND played very brilliantly and reserved # 5 position in the match 13 standings. It seemed that the team IND is now playing for survival points, and they successfully added a total of 13 points after this match. However, Bigetron RA got the #1 position in the end by killing ten enemies.

Points Table after Match 13:

  • #1 Mega Esports: 242 Points
  • #2 Bigetron RA: 225 Points
  • #3 Tempo Storm: 133 Points

Match 14 (Sanhok TPP)

Winner Of The Match: Team IND- 5 Kills

The plane took its flight path from Sahmee to Camp Bravo, and the team IND decided to drop on Camp Alpha island. Luckily, no other team decided to loot that spot, and Team IND also got the advantage of the first zone. In one of the final zone, there are only four teams alive in which Team IND is one of them. In the end, only a single player was alive from the OM team, and three players were on the charge from Team IND. By instantly rushing on him, Team IND got Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Points Table after Match 14:

  • #1 Mega Esports: 262 Points
  • #2 Bigetron RA: 226 Points
  • #3 Team IND: 158 Points

Match 15 (Miramar TPP)

Winner Of The Match: Team Asterion- 8 Kills

The first zone of this map was formed on the impala and it was unfavorable a lot of teams. During the final moments of the match, the play zone became the biggest problem for all the teams as It was shaped on the hill. The majority of the teams find themselves in a difficult situation while moving on the top of the mountain. The great thing was that Team IND slayer pushed its team to #7 position and continued to reserve the #3 spot in the overall points table. In the end, ATR achieved the victory by eliminating 69Lord clan.

Points Table after Match 15:

  • #1 Mega Esports: 282 Points
  • #2 Bigetron RA: 229 Points
  • #3 Team IND: 163 Points

Match 16 (Erangel TPP)

Winner Of The Match: Mega Esports- 13 Kills

In the 4th match of Day 3, Synerge played quite well and got #5 position on the leader board of the 16th match. Grievously, Team IND eliminated at #11 position, but they maintained their #3 spot on overall standings. In the final zone, there was an intense 1 vs 2 situation between Orange and Mega clan. Suddenly Orange Leon eliminated both the players of Mega clan by a deadly M416 spray and earned the victory.

Points Table after Match 16:

  • #1 Mega Esports: 309 Points
  • #2 Bigetron RA: 238 Points
  • #3 Team IND: 164 Points

Match 17 (Vikendi TPP)

Winner Of The Match: Omen Elite- 13 Kills

The plane went from Port to Vihar through the center of the map. Most of the players burst their vehicles to make a cover in the open field. Somehow, Team INS managed to survive till the 4th position with a total of 3 kills. During the final battle, the OM clan eliminated the BTR clan to achieve victory.

Points Table after Match 17:

  • #1 Mega Esports: 311 Points
  • #2 Bigetron RA: 267 Points
  • #3 Goskilla: 173 Points

Match 18 (Erangel TPP)

Winner Of The Match: Orange Esports- 7 Kills

We got some early action in the final match of the day as three teams decided to drop in Pochinki. The final battles were so breathtaking and intense. Surprisingly, Orange Team earned the #1 spot by performing brilliantly on the battleground.

Points Table after Match 18:

  • #1 Mega Esports: 323 Points
  • #2 Bigetron RA: 271 Points
  • #3 Goskilla: 182 Points
Published 25 Nov 2019
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