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PUBG News: PMPL 2020 South Asia Scrims Day 2 Summary & Analysis

  • We break down the 4 games of PMPL 2020 Asia South Scrims Day 2.
  • Team IND continued their impressive run on an action-packed day.
Modified 26 Mar 2020, 23:07 IST

Day 2 overall standings
Day 2 overall standings

PUBG Mobile has come with PMPL South Asia Scrims to keep the fans excited, and day 2 of the tournament has come to an end today. The top 20 squads from South Asia are competing with each other for a daily prize pool of $1000, with the leaderboard toppers bagging a total of $700 while the second and third-placed team will be taking home $200 and $100 respectively. 

Here is the game-by-game analysis of Day 2 of PMPL South Asia Scrims.

Game 1 (Erangel)

The flight path for the first game of PMPL 2020 scrims Day 2, stretched from Severny to Military base enabling the teams to access all corners of the map with ease. Close to 5 minutes into the game, Team Megastars and INES, both teams who took their drops at Novorenoye, were engaged in an early intense 4v4 fight in which Mega came out on top. 

Snax, from Team IND, showcased his fragging power by bagging a total of 9 individual kills and was also the lone survivor to take his team to third place. Elimentrix from Nepal, after a series of disappointing outing against Indian PUBG Mobile giants, finally stood out with a fine performance by securing the chicken dinner with as high as 13 kills.

Game 2 (Vikendi)

The second game of the day was played in Vikendi and the flight path favoured the Northern sides of the map, starting from Cosmo Drome to Dobro Mestro. The major highlight of the game was the wild rush from Fnatic then Deadeyes and finally Orange Rock on to players from Marcos Gaming who took down Fnatic and DE in a 4v4 engagement.

However, Orange Rock, a tactically strong team, read the kill feed well and decided to end their run.

The final face-off for the chicken dinner was between U-Mumba, Team IND and Megastars. U-Mumba, who had the zone advantage, engaged in multiple fights towards the end, adding a total of 15 kills to their tally and also clinched the top spot. The heal battle ouside the zone by Slayer took Team IND to second place.

Game 3 (Miramar)

The third game of PMPL South Asia scrims was played on the fan favourite map Miramar, where we see DMRs get into the action; it's also a map also calls for effective usage of utilities with only ridges and not many compounds to play with. The plane pathway stretched from Tierra Bronca to Valle del Mar and was kind to majority of the teams. Team Tamilas took an early exit from the game, after getting a sound beating from Regaltos who took down two key players with a mere shotgun.

The much anticipated clash between two big rivals, Fnatic and Soul, was on the cards and seemed imminent; however Team Soul went off-track after Viper and Sangwan were caught off-guard.

TSM-Entity, who blew hot and cold in the previous two games, was seen coming back into their usual groove after hunting down Megastars and Team IND, who had the zone advantage. Zgod became the MVP of the match as he pocketed 7 kills and single-handedly closed out the match with his deadly groza sprays.


Game 4 (Erangel)

The final game of the day, which was played on Erangel had a similar flight trajectory to the first match. Starting from Novo, the plane extended to Serverny. TSM-Entity’s favourite drop, Yasnaya Polyana, was contested by two other teams from Nepal, Team Xtreme and DeadEyes.

Motivated and pumped up after their last win, TSM-Entity adopted a more aggressive stance and made the first move by cautiously pushing Xtreme and taking down three of the players. DeadEyes decided to jump into the fight and capitalize on it, but ended up losing 3 players. 

The final showdown to get the winner winner chicken dinner boiled down to VSGcrawlers and Elementrix, where the former had the last laugh.

Published 26 Mar 2020, 23:07 IST
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