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PMCO Global Finals 2019 Day 1: Highlights and Summary; SouL wins a match

  • Highlights and Summary of PMCO Global Finals Day 1
Tarun Sayal
Modified 21 Dec 2019, 01:11 IST

Soul Mortal
Soul Mortal

PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 Global Finals have started today, and at the end of day 1, PMCO fans witnessed the world's best game-play by the top 16 teams from the global. Considering the #1 spot on the points table, then Bigetron RA is securing it after a total of four matches.

Entity Gaming and Team Soul, who were representing South Asia region in PMCO Global Finals 2019, were placed at #3 and #11, respectively. However, both the South Asian teams earned a total of 56 and 32 points at the end of the day.

So let's take a look at the best moments of PMCO Global Finals Day 1. Here are the highlights of each match, along with the top 3 teams.

Match 1 (Sanhok TPP)

Winner Of The Match: Bigetron RA- 8 Kills

The plane flight path was from Na Kham towards Lakawi on the map. Meanwhile, observing the first zone, Entity Gaming decided to loot the Ruins, which gives them a little bit of advantage to shift into the play zone. Shockingly, Team SouL got eliminated by EGC clan, which was a disappointing start for SouL fans. The final leg involed Bigetron RA eliminating all the players of Top Esports and taking the first Chicken Dinner of the Day.

Points Table after Match 1:

  • #1 Bigetron RA: 28 Points
  • #2 Top Esports: 22 Points
  • #3 Team ARG: 16 Points

Match 2 (Miramar TPP)

Winner Of The Match: IIluminate the Murderer- 9 Kills


In the 2nd match, Entity Gaming made a significant comeback on the leader-board and got placed at #3 position on overall standings after this match. Entity Jonathan performed brilliantly and took a couple of kills in the final zone. Jonathan also got placed at #4 in Top 5 players in terms of damage. Unfortunately, Entity Gaming got eliminated by Illuminate clan in the final battle. Illuminate the Murderer got the victory with a total of 9 Kills.

Points Table after Match 2:

  • #1 Bigetron RA: 40 Points
  • #2 Team Illuminate: 32 Points
  • #3 Entity Gaming: 29 Points

Match 3 (Vikendi TPP)

Winner Of The Match: Team Soul- 6 Kills

ClutchGod from SouL showed brilliant game play and eliminated the whole TQ squad in the final zone. Match 3's final moments had only SouL Mortal and UniqueOld Boy left standing. Both teams engaged in a healing battle, which was won by SouL MortaL. The crowd cheered on "Soul Soul Soul!" as the Indian team took the first win for their country. SouL ClutchGod was announced as the key player of the match.

Points Table after Match 3:

  • #1 Bigetron RA: 51 Points
  • #2 Team Illuminate: 37 Points
  • #3 Team ARG: 33 Points

Match 4 (Erangel TPP)

Winner Of The Match: Team Queso- 10 Kills

The plane took its flight path from Lipovka to Military Base but the zone become a difficulty for the teams landed on Military island. Entity Gaming decided to drop on Yasnaya to take some extra advantage of play zone. In the final zone, Entity Gaming took majority of kills along with squad eliminations which gave them some extra kill points. The final battle was between Entity Gaming and TQ clan which was won by TQ clan. Entity Gaming got placed at #2 position.

Points Table after Match 4:

  • #1 Bigetron RA: 68 Points
  • #2 Team Queso: 60 Points
  • #3 Entity Gaming: 56 Points
Published 29 Nov 2019, 22:05 IST
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