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PUBG NEWS: Xiaomi Launches 'Survival Game' Which is 90% Similar to PUBG Mobile

Mohit Kumar
18 Jan 2019, 23:56 IST

Survival Game - Xiaomi
Survival Game - Xiaomi

The increasing hot trend of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile has overtaken the leading games available in the market. In order to compete with PUBG Mobile, many game developers are working days and nights. In recent days, one such duplicate copy of PUBG Mobile has been released in the market.

The releasing company is none other than smartphone giant Xiaomi. On January 13, Xiaomi launched 'Survival Game' - a game that half looks like PUBG Mobile. The game has the same concepts - 7.62mm ammo, multiple level backpacks, helmets, a map similar to Erangel, parachute jump, same lobby, survival time and 100 players jumping in the battle etc.

How 'Survival Game' Became Popular?

The 'Survival Game' was uploaded on the Mi Apps Store by a developer ‘SuperEdguy’. Earlier, the game was closed in beta. However, Xiaomi recently made it available to everyone. The game can be found in Xiaomi Apps Store. It may be difficult for you to locate the 185 MB file, therefore, to make it much easier, we have attached the downloading link here.

Map - Survival Game
Map - Survival Game

The battle game is compatible with low-end graphics smartphones. The gameplay is smoother and fast. In the screen, one can see ping rates, names of the players, communicate via chats, and see the maps just like real PUBG Mobile game.

In the market, there is a hype going on that Xiaomi has copied the gaming concept of PUBG Mobile. Meanwhile, neglecting the rumours, the company is improving the game day by day. Because of its similar in-game development like PUBG Mobile, the people in the gaming community are calling Xiaomi a 'copy-cat'.

One of the gamers who recently played 'Survival Game' told Sportskeeda:

"When I personally played the game, I was quite impressed by the graphics. However, during the game, I faced a lot of ping issue (despite having a very good Internet connection). The game was also crashing between the battles. Considering all these factors, it is a good game to get a touch of PUBG Mobile. But, 'Survival Game' is far behind when it comes to the real quality gaming experience of PUBG Mobile."

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