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PUBG Snow Map Vikendi gets a positive response from Community

  • PUBG players around the world are appreciating the new snow map Vikendi.
Hrithik Raj
Modified 11 Dec 2018, 01:47 IST

PlayerUnknown's Battleground has announced quite interesting updates which were about to come in PUBG across all platforms. On top of the list, their's the new Snow Map "Vikendi." PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds added their 4th map in the installment which is known to everyone as the snow map aka "Vikendi" in the test servers. The PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Community played the map in the test servers which was released on the night of the Game Awards.

Since the day of its launch, players have been showing a positive response to the new PUBG snow map. Twitch streamers like Shroud, Dr. DisRespect and many others who left the game for good have once again returned to experience the new updates. Players all around the world are appreciating the work of the devs and are appreciating their work by posting on social media websites and forums like Twitter and Reddit.

Reddit User Tobbbb wrote:-

I quit playing PUBG in June waiting for the new map. Yesterday i played about 6 hours on Vikendi with my Squad and i gotta say: This map is awesome.
The map size is perfect. Sanhok is a bit to small/fast, Miramar too slow in the mid game. The Vikendi game flow is just right. The amount of good loot spots is really balanced as well IMO. There are some hot drops, but since most towns are equally sized the players really spread all over the map to 2 (rarely 3) teams max in one spot in squad play, what i really like. You can have action, but no cluster fuck.
The landscape feels great and is gorgeous. It feels like being in a real environment, i think the main reason for that is because they nailed the authenticity of the topography on this one. Every village/town is unique and has a lot of love for detail in it. They really look like old european/eastern european villages and allow for some great close combat scenarios and creative moves.
If the devs/map designers who worked on Vikendi see this: Awesome job, you won me back with this one.

There are many people in the PlayerUnknown's Battleground community who gave a positive response to the game's new map. A lot of players praised the sheer beauty of the map, the textures, graphics, detailing, settings and other minor aspects. This map can be a form of salvation for PUBG PC which was quite necessary to get back those precious members of the community who left playing the game.

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Published 11 Dec 2018, 01:47 IST
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