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PUBG Survivor Pass: Vikendi Official Rewards Preview Video Explained 

Hrithik Raj

PUBG Survivor Pass: VIkendi
PUBG Survivor Pass: VIkendi

PlayerUnknown's Battleground snow map Vikendi is currently a hot topic in the gaming community. Whether its the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Mobile the game's new map is clearly showing some good positive results. To help the players in their quest to win those chicken dinners or to simply know more about the new update in PlayerUnknown's Battleground new snow map Vikendi, the developers have been posting new videos of the snow map vikendi almost every week.

The official video are in the form of short trailers which either are some sort of guide to the new update or quick tip videos or simply explaining stuffs about the new update especially the snow map Vikendi and related stuff. About a week ago PlayerUnknown's Battleground official youtube channel uploaded a video on the catalog new exclusive items you get when you buy the new survivor pass Vikendi. The list of skins and items included in the survivor pass vikendi and exhibited in the short video uploaded by official PlayerUnknown's Battleground Youtube Channel are:-

  • M416 Crimson Snow Flake skin.
  • Snow Devils baker jacket.
  • Military Hot Pants.
  • Kubanka.
  • Heavy fur coat
  • Winter windbreaker
  • Camo Snow Pants.
  • Gas Mask.
  • Military Medic Helmet.
  • Tricolor Snow Set.
  • Dark Flame Racer Helmet.
  • Black heavy fur coat.
  • Snow Leopard Skirt.
  • Kar98k Frostbite Skin.
  • Some other Survivor Pass Vikendi Exclusive skins for guns like Akm and other guns.

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These items where showcased in the video and trust me these are some fine in-game stuffs. With the survivor pass Vikendi PlayerUnknown's Battleground is trying to provide more free items and skins depending on how much you play the game and missions you complete in PlayerUnknown's Battleground. The new survival pass vikendi is somewhat similar to the Battle Pass we get to see in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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