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PUBG Tips: Arcade Mode training could help your K/D

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PUBG Mobile: The options in Arcade Mode
PUBG Mobile: The options in Arcade Mode

The game is upping, and we need to up with it: and PUBG mobile gives us the training grounds through the Arcade options. Arcade is not always the first choice of mode we resort to - the mode isn’t very dramatic, and on the outset it would appear as though there isn’t much strategy involved to get a victory. There’s no build up to the final circle, it’s all fireworks from the start. Winning it at times might just be pure luck, and we choose to play “Arcade” when we don’t have all the time to spare.

PUBG Mobile started out as a casual-fun game with friends. In the initial days, most of the people on Erangel’s Spawn Island ran around semi-naked (which meant a high new proportion), and there were several easy-to-shoot bots spawning from thin air. But the game has been around on the mobile for some time, and while we’ve gotten more competitive about the game that is now on the way to being a mainstream e-sport - we also find our Kill-to-Death ratios and squad rankings lower than what it used to be.

As opposed to jumping into the fire at Pochinki in Erangel, or Bootcamp in Sanhok - we find ourselves moving to the side of defense. When we see more players with higher Royale points in our flight, we might decide to shift course to less populated settlements, and camp out in places where anyone else’s footsteps would make us jump, and not always run towards an airdrop as it lands. Although the path of defense could mean a higher probability of reaching the Top 10 (if not a chicken dinner) - it means a lower KD, lower damage inflicted and every other parameter the game uses to evaluate our ranking.

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But each of the different modes - Mini-Zone, War, Quick Match, and Sniper Training aids us to build specific skills to help us achieve the ultimate, evasive Chicken Dinner (with better flair). And here's how.

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