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PUBG Tips: Arcade Mode training could help your K/D

Modified 26 Oct 2018

War Mode

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It allows for us to take more risks - in-fact, forces us to engage in combat. This is because no kills = no points = no chance of winning. The repeated jumping into combat with no dire consequences (because we get to respawn) means we get more comfortable with it. Like the other modes in Arcade - you are thrown into a smaller version of the original Arena (right now, it's most likely a location in Erangel with an unluckily small number of houses) with 28 people in total. The mode lasts for 15 minutes, and ends faster if any of the teams reach the highest targeted scores shown on the screen. You land with a pre-decided weapon - it could be anything - from a really slow loading Shot-gun or a KAR98k rifle to a rapid-firing AR gun.

The best part? Everyone is on equal footing landing with the same rifle. Also, the War-zone allows for unlimited respawns (within the time-limit, of course). This means two key learnings:

a) We stop complaining about the weapon choice - everyone has the same weapons thereby equalising the field, and we just go with the flow.

b) You would soon learn by experience that even a 0.45mm pistol in hand is worth two KAR98k in a bush.

Published 07 Oct 2018, 10:25 IST
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