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PUBG tips: How to avoid and survive red zones in PUBG Mobile

How to avoid and survive the red zone in PUBG Mobile (Picture source:
How to avoid and survive the red zone in PUBG Mobile (Picture source:
Modified 26 Jun 2020

PUBG Mobile has various distinctive aspects that make it stand out from other battle royale games. Different modes, features and many other aspects make PUBG Mobile interesting to play. One such unique aspect that the developers have added to the battle royale game is the red zone.

What is the red zone in PUBG Mobile?

It is a zone that randomly appears at any time in a match. After some time, the marked area gets bombed, dealing substantial damage to players inside it. Sometimes, players who get caught in that zone end up even getting knocked out. Hence, they always seek ways to avoid and/or survive the red zone.

How to avoid and survive the red zone in PUBG Mobile?

To get through without taking any damage from the zone, PUBG Mobile players can follow the tips mentioned below:

#1 Take shelter in compounds and buildings

If players are in a red zone without any vehicle, it is recommended that they move inside a building or any other structure. It is also suggested not to wander onto roofs of houses till the zone passes. By doing so, there will be no damage inflicted to the user, and they will remain safe inside.

#2 Move out of the zone


Players can also take a risk and quickly move out of the zone as soon as it appears. They can try this if they have a vehicle, as it would make it easier to travel outside and remain safe.

#3 Maintain distance from teammates

If players are stuck in a zone in duos/squads mode, then it would be better to maintain distance from each other and find some building for cover, as if one gets knocked out, the other can try to revive them.

The red zone is random, and there is no assurance of when the area will get bombed, so players should prioritise remaining safe.

Published 26 Jun 2020, 16:01 IST
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